Wednesday, August 4

The California Pinball Museum is closed forever | Digital Trends Spanish

The grand and nostalgic California Pinball Museum, opened in 2015, is about to close its doors forever.

The museum, located in the city of Banning in Southern California, claims to be the largest in the world and has more than 1,100 machines only of pinball. And all of them will soon be auctioned individually, after plans to move the museum to Palm Springs in Califormia had to be canceled without going back.

Chuck Casey, one of the people behind the idea, explained that they tried to get sponsorships or to sell the entire collection to a single person in order to try to keep the museum operational. But none of that paid off and therefore the machines pinball they will be sold to the highest bidder.

The details of this auction have not yet been given, but what is known is that offers can be made both in person and online and the only way to obtain a machine will be through this method, since there will be no direct sale.

And regarding the reasons for the closure, everything indicates that the pandemic was a factor but also the fact that the space was becoming too small to store the more than 1,900 machines in the museum (adding pinballs Y arcades traditional). The plan then it was to move to Palm Springs, a place where the organization already had more than enough space to install the machines; however, the time required for the remodel came with costs that were impossible for a non-profit organization to pay.

The Pinball Museum managed to function for almost six years and its objective, in addition to protecting many classic games, was to show the new generations these games of the past. Various events and tournaments were organized there and it was an almost obligatory tourist visit for many of the city’s visitors.

As a curious fact, in its place will now be located a company for the cultivation of cannabis.

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