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The campaign of the Basque PP to attract militants: each volunteer who achieves one will have a position on the lists

“We want to reward your involvement in attracting members by offering you a prominent or even main place on the lists of your municipality in the next elections.” The Basque PP has activated a campaign in Bizkaia to attract new affiliations in which it urges its militants to search among their circle of friends and family. In exchange, he promises that he will reward them with a starting position on the electoral lists of their municipality in the next local elections in May 2023. The internal sources consulted do not rule out extending this initiative to Álava and Gipuzkoa as well, since the double confirmation that the The party’s base is weaker in Euskadi than in other places and that the abundance of municipalities (251 in the autonomous community) makes it necessary to make an extra effort to complete the plates without resorting to paratroopers.

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The affiliates in Bizkaia have received news of the campaign through a letter, to which this newspaper has had access. The letter was sent on November 2 and explains the creation of a “support group for the PP in Vizcaya” led by José Antonio Bobi and Emiliano Santamaría, base positions in the organization led in the province by Raquel González and in Euskadi by Carlos Iturgaiz. They sell the initiative as “a path for the renewal and recovery of the bases” of the ‘popular’ in Bizkaia. “Our belief in a united and strong Spain within the consensus that our democracy grants us did not have sufficient depth in its day to mobilize the large number of citizens residing in this autonomous community who share with us the love for Spain, for our Basque land to Liberty, with capital letters”, they argue. And they add: “You, as an affiliate, can make this initiative possible through your active and altruistic participation in this GAPP program [grupo de apoyo al Partido Popular]a voluntary action program to attract new members. […] Inclusion in the GAPP program will mean acceptance and participation as ‘possible candidates’ on the lists of your municipality”.

Basque PP sources have confirmed the launch of the campaign. The promoters indicate in a telephone conversation with this newspaper that “it is about making an appeal” to “friends, sympathizers and relatives” to “try to unify votes” around the acronym of the PP. “Regroup people and support each other. It is something normal in an electoral context. All the parties do it”, indicates Bobi, who points out that “possibly” this Biscay campaign will also extend “to the autonomous community”. In 2019, the PP suffered a sharp drop in the local elections in Euskadi. In the municipal ones, it was the fifth force with little more than 66,000 votes and 55 elected mayors. Of these, only 15 were in Bizkaia. In the case of the Biscayan regional elections, held on the same date, the PP remained at 6% and obtained just 2 seats out of 51 in the General Assemblies, the Provincial Parliament. They were half of those achieved four years ago. Practically only Borja Sémper in Donostia and after a campaign without acronyms and personalist saved the furniture for a party that, in Euskadi, is at its lowest levels of representation.

From the Basque PP they indicate that in December the heads of the list in the main institutions will be known, although Borja Corominas in Donostia is taken for granted after the withdrawal of Sémper and Ainhoa ​​Domaica in Vitoria as Leticia Comerón’s replacement.

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