Saturday, October 1

The Canarian route is reactivated with the arrival of almost 700 migrants to the Islands in four days

Almost 700 people have survived the migratory route to the Canary Islands in the last four days and, from what is known so far, another four have perished in the attempt, including a seven-year-old girl.

Canary Islands, the border of death: how is indifference built?

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Last Friday, 392 people who were aboard different boats in waters near Lanzarote were rescued. Eight of them had to be helped by the Helimer helicopter when they were already at sea after their boat capsized, including a six-year-old boy who was in cardiorespiratory arrest and was admitted to hospital in critical condition, and a woman pregnant.

It was precisely the overturning of a boat that that night (from Thursday to Friday) a seven-year-old girl, who was accompanied by her mother, died, as the Red Cross confirmed to this newsroom. According to the testimony of her mother, the survivor had tied the minor to her body with a handkerchief, which was untied by a blow from the sea.

All the survivors, except the seriously injured who were taken to the hospital, the minors and the women, were referred to the Arrecife CATE (Temporary Attention Center for Foreigners), with a capacity for 200 people.

On Saturday, two other boats with a total of 104 people on board were located, also off the coast of Lanzarote. All the survivors were again referred to the CATE, already overwhelmed.

On Sunday, 153 people arrived on the Canary coast. The first boats did so on the night from Saturday to Sunday, when 102 migrants arrived in Fuerteventura, 41 in a small boat that reached the south of the island by their own means and 61 in a boat rescued on the high seas, among which there were eight you drink.

During the early afternoon of that same day, 36 people managed to reach Las Cocinitas beach (Haría, Lanzarote) by their own means.

The 44 people rescued this Monday on the Fuerteventura coast make the total number of people who have survived the Canarian route in the last four days is 696. In this last boat there were three deceased on board, which raises to more than 800 the deaths that have taken place so far this year on the Canarian route, according to the data from the latest monitoring by Caminando Fronteras.

Migration as a “political weapon”

The president of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, stated this Monday that it “saddens” him to see that parties that “were responsible at the time” in different administrative areas now want to use the migratory phenomenon as a “political weapon”, referring to the criticism of the PP and Canarian Coalition towards the management of the autonomous Executive in this aspect.

To defend himself, Torres has elaborated that when he joined the regional government in 2019 “we did not have resources” and we had to resort to educational spaces, “then we threw away hotels” and finally resources were made available to “attend to the emergency”. For this reason, he has opined that “who has to answer” on this issue “are the previous governments.”