Friday, September 29

The candidate of Unidas Podemos Castilla-La Mancha forgets to vote in the municipal elections and García-Page goes to vote without portfolio

The candidate of United We Can for the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, José Luis García Gascón has voted at 9.30 in the morning in the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Castilla-La Mancha of Toledo in the Plaza de Padilla, shortly after the opening of the polling stations. However, he has not cast his vote for the municipal elections, due to an oversight. From the coalition they affirm that they are “trying” to correct the situation.

The candidate has declared that he is “proud and happy to vote here due to the symbolism that the UCLM and the community members have in our region, and I am sure that everything will go well today,” as reported by the confluence.

García Gascón has called for “the maximum participation and mobilization, to renew the institutions and democracy and advance in the region.” “This is the day in which people can choose the one they consider the best option for Castilla-La Mancha and the one they consider can best solve the problems of the region, the needs of the people, their rights and improve public services. that insure them”, has finished.

Carmen Picazo (Citizens) asks for the “useful vote”

The Ciudadanos candidate for mayor of Albacete and the Parliament of Castilla-La Mancha has asked the citizens this Sunday to “vote for the party that most represents them, the party that most resembles them, the party that gives them the most confidence , to the party they consider most sensible”. In this sense, she has claimed that “the most useful vote is the vote that makes you feel proud, the one that you introduce into the ballot box convinced”, according to Europa Press.

In this way, he has called for a large mobilization so that “Albacete wins” and “Castilla-La Mancha wins”. He has thanked “all the people who make it possible for this day to develop efficiently and orderly”.

The vote of Ángel Corpa, the first time that Empty Spain is presented in the region

Ángel Corpa, the candidate of +Cuenca Ahora-España Vaciada has exercised his right to vote in the town of Barajas de Melo (Cuenca). It is the first time that the political movement attends the regional elections. “It’s a great day,” declared the singer-songwriter. “From my town, I encourage all Cuencans to vote and participate in the elections that will define the new map, especially for emptied Spain. So that the situation of so many policies that have been depopulating the territory improves ”, he declared.

Juan Ramón Amores votes with his children

The candidate for mayor of La Roda for the PSOE, Juan Ramón Amores, has come to vote with his children. “Today it is our duty to practice the right to vote. For us, for those who are no longer here and for our future generations. Let’s take care of our democracy, ”he stressed on social networks.

Paco Núñez asks to vote “with enthusiasm”

Paco Núñez, the PP candidate for the Presidency, has affirmed that it is an “important day where you have to vote with enthusiasm”, in which he has encouraged “all Castilian-Manchegos to vote” for what they believe is best. “On a day like today, the best thing is for democracy to win, for the rule of law to show us its strength”, he indicated, thanking the water that is falling on this election day”, he highlighted, as reported by Europa Press.

Emiliano García-Page forgets his wallet when he goes to vote

The president of Castilla-La Mancha and PSOE candidate for re-election, Emiliano García-Page, has gone to vote at the Colegio Ciudad de Nara forgetting his wallet, although he has asked everyone to vote for “the closest” to make “region identity”, according to Europa Press reports. He has said that every time you vote for Castilla-La Mancha “everyone is voting for their own, for everyone, for what is closest to them”, and it becomes “every day bigger and the identity of the region expands” .

“It is very important to think four years ahead, in health, in education, in what is within our reach,” he indicated. It would be, she has said, “the best lesson for those who try to bust with bad manners that this works.” “If the elections work, the country works. This is the spine ”, he pointed out.

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