Sunday, December 10

The carrier platform “temporarily” suspends the strike after 20 days

The Platform for the Defense of the Road Transport Sector has agreed this Saturday to “temporarily suspend” the strike that these autonomous carriers and SMEs began on March 14, and that it will resume at the time they consider appropriate, which will be “sooner” how late This has been decided after 20 days of mobilizations, and after consulting those attending the assembly held at a service station in the Madrid town of San Fernando de Henares, which was attended by around a hundred carriers from all over the world. Spain.

On March 14, the Platform called an indefinite strike that it maintained until now, by not accepting the measures that the Government agreed with the National Road Transport Committee (CNTC) at the end of the month, among which a bonus of 20 cents stands out. euros per liter of fuel until June 30.

It’s time to “be smart”

During his speech at the assembly, the Platform’s spokesman, Manuel Hernández, defended that it is time to “be smart” and “know how to manage the strength” that the group has harvested in recent weeks “to strike the second blow , which is going to come”. “We have to organize ourselves even more in the provinces and prepare ourselves so that, in a short period of time, we can act again with more force,” Hernández explained to the attendees minutes before the vote by show of hands.

Before knowing the result, the spokesperson for the Platform already announced that the strike “was called with certain objectives, and until they are achieved, nothing will be called off.” With the “pause” agreed this morning, the Platform seeks to organize itself even more to “represent the worker.” Along these lines, Hernández has announced to the carriers that they are going to start talks with several associations that “wanted to leave that mafia Committee” (alluding to the CNTC).

Likewise, in the next few days they will develop the mechanism so that those interested can join the Platform, and they will draw up a signed and stamped document with their transport cards.