Thursday, February 2

The cartoonist Calpurnio, creator of Cuttlas, dies

The cartoonist Eduardo Pelegrín Martínez de Pisón, better known as Calpurnio, creator of the synthetic humorous character Cuttlas, has died, as confirmed by the publisher Blackie Books, where he had published his latest works.

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The cartoonist from Zaragoza was 63 years old and suffered from an illness. In a recent interview with, after announcing the end of his emblematic character Cuttlas, he said “I don’t want to die with my boots on” when explaining the end of his character, but also revealed that he was working on new projects.

Calpurnio’ began to publish pages of good old cuttlas during the eighties, in fanzines, to move, later, to professional magazines such as Makoki Y The Viper. Originally it was a very personal parody of the western, but gradually, Calpurnio turned it into an experimental and humorous container in which anything could happen: until the members of Kraftwerk walked through its cartoons, or Cuttlas became friends with an alien named 37.

Calpurnio has worked for comic magazines on the national scene such as El Víbora and Makoki, and has collaborated in newspapers such as El País, Heraldo de Aragón or 20 Minutos.

The Ministry of Culture has published a tweet lamenting his death with an illustration made by Calpurnio for the Xacobeo year. The cartoonist had also designed the poster for the Zaragoza Comic Fair, his hometown, which is taking place this weekend.