Wednesday, July 6

The Castilian Party asks the Sotosalbos City Council the same speed that the Salobreña has had to cancel an illegal registration

The Castilian-Tierra Comunera Party (PCAS-TC) has publicly requested the City Council of Sotosalbos (Segovia), governed by the PP, the same speed in processing a deregistration, due to its alleged illegality, as that shown by the City Council of Salobreña, which in a few hours, due to lack of recourse, has removed the far-right leader Macarena Olona from its registry.

The castellanista formation denounced last Monday before the INE the alleged illegal registration of Javier Ignacio Maroto Aranzábal, former mayor of Vitoria and current Senator by appointment of the Cortes of Castilla y León. In the opinion of the PCAS-TC, “the Sotosalbos City Council has had three years to realize that Mr. Maroto does not regularly use the town to reside, therefore, in compliance with the Law, the Consistory must give ex officio deregistration of those registered who do not meet the requirements (the effective residence) to enjoy that right”.

At this time, in addition to the claim of the community formation, the SOS Racismo Araba association has opened a lawsuit, initiated in July 2019, which seeks “the initial request to be discharged due to improper registration.” At this time, such file is pending resolution, because it has been the subject of an Appeal for Cassation before the Supreme Court.

For the PCAS-TC, “it is time to unmask Maroto, almost three years after his registration in the municipal register of Sotosalbos, nobody can say that he is really popular in the town of Castilla y León.” According to the formation, the politician of the Popular Party (PP) appears fraudulently registered in the Segovian town of Sotosalbos, since he has no relationship with the town, nor does he habitually reside there.

The community formation finds it “suspicious” that Maroto’s registration in Sotosalbos coincided in time with his appointment as Autonomous Senator, for the first time in 2019 by the Cortes of Castilla y León, a position for which it is essential to be a resident of this autonomous community.

Given these circumstances, he has asked the INE delegation in Segovia to remove Javier Maroto from the Sotosalbos employer, given the lack of evidence linking the Senator to the royal residence in the town.