Friday, December 9

The Catalan doctors’ union warns of a “great mobilization” if there are no “urgent” improvements

Doctors of Catalonia, the majority union in the sector, has delivered this Thursday to the Parliament more than 50,000 signatures of a manifesto that calls for “urgent” measures to straighten the course of public health. The union’s general secretary, Xavier Lleonart, has stated that this is a last “alert cry” to demand a “radical” change in the Government’s health policy. If not, he has warned, a “great mobilization” of the collective cannot be avoided.

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“The discomfort and indignation of the medical staff is enormous, a spark is enough for a riot to break out,” he said in an appearance from Parliament. Doctors, through the manifesto, claim to invest more resources, hire more professionals and improve their working conditions.

The union has delivered the signatures that they have collected since June among the Catalan population. In the text, political leaders are called upon to implement transformative measures in public health that make it possible to recover accessibility to the system, reduce waiting lists and improve the working conditions of professionals in the sector.

Lleonart has expressed his “sadness” because he has lamented that there does not seem to be any interlocutor willing to introduce the improvements they are demanding. In this sense, he explained that they have spoken with the new Minister of Health, Josep Balcells, from ERC, and that he has told them that he is aware of the situation.

According to the analysis of Médicos de Catalunya, the health system currently suffers from a shortage of professionals, work overload, generational change problems and a lack of planning. All of this “puts this system at risk”. Lleonart predicts that if nothing changes, in a short period of time the system will be “undercapitalized” and with “serious problems” to provide a service with minimum quality guarantees.

Lleonart has acknowledged that they do not have a specific date for these mobilizations but has assured that it will be “in the short term”. In addition, he has not ruled out any type of mobilization, nor the doctors’ strike. “Every day that passes, the system deteriorates more and the situation is more irreversible,” he stressed.

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