Wednesday, February 21

The Catalan educational unions call a strike on September 7, the first day of class

The next educational year in Catalonia will begin as it has ended this year: with demonstrations and protests against the policies of the Minister of Education, Josep González Cambray. Thus, the educational unions have called two days of strike for September, one for the 7th (the day classes start) and another for the 28th.

The Justice sees it impossible to execute 25% of Spanish in the school after the new law of the Government

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With a joint call from USTEC, CCOO, Intersindical-CSC, Professors de Secundària, UGT, CGT and USOC, the unions have fulfilled what they already announced in the last strike this year, in which they assured that the coming course “will not it will start normally”, as assured by Iolanda Segura, spokesperson for USTEC.

In fact, for September 5 (day of beginning of classes in Early Childhood and Primary Education) there are already calls for concentrations in the town halls in the afternoon. In addition, for the following weeks, September 12 and 23, other actions are also planned.

These mobilizations follow the trail that was marked during the end of the school year this year, which ended with nine days of strike and partial work stoppages in protest at the different measures approved by Cambray, such as bringing forward the start of the school year and changing the educational curriculum, to which are added the discomfort due to the cuts that have not been reversed since the 2008 crisis and the decision of the TSJC to impose 25% of Spanish in the classrooms.