Tuesday, March 28

The Catalan employers create a commission to resume the extension of the Prat airport

Foment del Treball, the main employers’ association of Catalonia, has constituted this Monday the Commission for the Expansion of the Barcelona-El Prat Airport to seek the consensus of the public administrations and reach an agreement between “all the political forces” that allows the development of the infrastructure . The commission, presented at its headquarters in the Catalan capital, brings together airport experts, businessmen from relevant sectors of the Catalan economy and academics, among others, under the slogan ‘Barcelona connected to the world through an intercontinental airport’.

The objective of the employers with this commission is to include in the Document of Airport Regulation (Dora) of Aena the expansion of the third runway to convert the enclave into an intercontinental platform. The president of the employers’ association, Josep Sánchez Llibre, considers that with this committee it is possible to “recover” the investment of 1,700 million euros for the expansion of the airport, which was ruled out a year ago by the central government when the Generalitat opposed the protected lagoons such as Ricarda were affected.

The commission promoted by Foment will be chaired by the president of the Chamber of Contractistes d’Obres de Catalunya (CCOC), Lluís Moreno, who has been appointed as such this Monday by the employer’s board of directors.

On the part of Foment, they are in the Sánchez Llibre commission; the general secretary of the entity, David Tornos; the Deputy Secretary General, Salvador Guillermo; the vice-president of the Institut d’Estudis Estratègics de Foment del Treball, Jordi Alberich, and the president of the employers’ committee on Infrastructures, Anna Cornadó.

The body has a nine-month work plan until the end of June and its first formal meeting will be on September 12, and from then on the work system will be through appearances.

In total, it is made up of around twenty people, including the CEO of Social Car, Mar Alarcón; the director of the Racc Mobility area, Cristian Bardají; the president of the Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Clos; the president of the Unió de Federacions Esportives Catalunya, Gerard Esteva, and the Environmental Civil Engineer and corporate director of Esteyco, Imma Estrada.

Also part of it are the president of Automobile Barcelona, ​​Enrique Lacalle; Iese professor Pedro Nueno; the expert consultant in aeronautical transport, Óscar Oliver; the president of Cecot, Xavier Panés; former minister Josep Piqué; the president of the Chamber of Barcelona, ​​Mònica Roca; the aeronautical engineer Joan Rojas and the president of the Sant Isidre Catalan Agricultural Institute, Baldiri Ros.

The list also includes the former director of operations at Barcelona Airport, Lluís Sala; the general director of Grup Mascort, Jordi Sargatal; the president of Turisme de Barcelona, ​​Eduard Torres, and the president of Tech Barcelona, ​​Miguel Vicente.