Friday, September 30

The Catalan Government announces 860 new mossos and the budget project for November

The preparation of the new budgets of the Generalitat is going at a good pace and the project may be approved by the Government in the month of November, before being discussed in the Parliament. These accounts will also include the hiring of 860 new Mossos d’Esquadra agents. This has been announced by the councilors of the sector, Jaume Giró on the part of Economy and Joan Ignasi Elena for Interior. Two announcements with which the Government has wanted to drive away criticism of division or paralysis in the Executive.

“This government so broken and so divided has not announced as great news what the PSOE and Podemos have done, which have just reached an agreement. It is a really surprising thing, because the most boring thing there is is that a government of coalition agrees with the Budgets, “Giró pointed out, in response to questions from the PSC.

The Department of Economy has detailed that its intention is to continue the processing of the budgets within the planned calendar, so that they come into force at the beginning of the year 2022. As indicated by Giró, ERC and Junts have been in agreement “from day one” in the orientation of the accounts, which will make it easier for them to approve them, although later they will need external support in the Chamber.

Precisely in the control session on Wednesday the CUP has asked the minister about the Government’s intentions in fiscal matters. On this issue, Giró has opted to work in the income tax of the lower sections, because in his opinion in Catalonia there is too much pressure on families with incomes of less than 30,000 euros. To questions from the anti-capitalist Eulàlia Reguant, the minister has shown that he is not in favor of increasing property, inheritance and donation taxes since, as he has indicated, they have already been rising in recent years and are “at the limit”.

Security policies have been another of the issues that have starred in the morning in the Parliament, starting with Elena’s announcement to incorporate 860 Mossos agents for next year. This will reduce the overtime of the agents, he said, an issue that has been a source of discomfort in the body on a recurring basis.

According to the calculations that Elena has shown, the incorporation planned for 2022 will be added to the 640 that have entered the body during this year, which between the two years represents a considerable increase compared to the previous ones. With regard to material resources, the minister has promised to acquire 400 new police vehicles.

Security and the Mossos have also generated a clash between the head of the opposition, Salvador Illa, and Aragonès. The socialist has asked him if he will give prestige to the police force by processing all his complaints, after last week he himself informed the plenary that part of the minutes opened by the Mossos against protesters had been left in the drawer. “I think we would all do ourselves a favor if we don’t throw security over our heads,” said Aragonès, who has considered that the solution for the Mossos is to provide resources, something to which he has said he is committed.