Monday, September 27

The Catalan Government looks for alternatives to the curfew and criticizes that the judges “act as epidemiologists”

The Catalan Government is analyzing the resolution of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) that this Thursday has refused to extend the curfew in most of the territory, with the exception of the 19 municipalities with the most infections. Executive sources have assured that, once the judicial decision has been studied, they will look for alternative measures to avoid contagion, while remembering that at this time there are other active restrictions, such as the limit of 10 people in meetings and the restriction of capacity. “The Government regrets that once again the judges act as epidemiologists”, they have affirmed.

For its part, the Barcelona City Council has announced that, in view of the new situation in which the city remains, which leaves the curfew this Friday, the Urban Guard will reinforce its device between 2 and 6 in the morning , a strip in which so far not so many troops were needed but which, without a curfew, are expected to be especially complicated. “We will adjust both prevention and security devices through a joint coordination device between the Guàrdia Urbana and the Mossos to control the presence in public space,” explained the Deputy Mayor for Security, Albert Batlle.

From the consistory they have not objected to the decision of the TSJC and have recalled that during June and the first half of July they already faced a summer situation without a curfew. Now, however, the end of mobility restrictions comes in the middle of the neighborhood festivities. Specifically, this weekend the Gràcia festivities continue to be held, one of the most famous and popular in the city, while the Sants neighborhood will begin next week.

The decision of the Justice on the curfew in Catalonia has surprised the Government, which until now had always seen its requests endorsed. However, since the first time it opted for this measure for all municipalities with an incidence above 400 cases in the last 7 days, the Generalitat has been lowering the threshold, first to 250 and this Tuesday finally to 125 cases. The judges have considered that this dance of criteria is not sufficiently justified, so they have set the threshold at 250, which according to Salut reports affects 19 municipalities in total.