Wednesday, May 18

The Catalan Government will appear as a popular accusation in all processes related to espionage

The Catalan Government has agreed this Tuesday to appear as a private prosecution in all processes related to the so-called Catalangatewhich involves espionage on more than 60 pro-independence positions with the ‘Pegasus’ software.

The business network of Pegasus in Luxembourg, the first objective of the sovereignists spied on

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The Government spokeswoman, Patricia Plaja, has indicated that the decision of the Catalan Executive responds to a “statutory obligation” and does not rule out that the Generalitat also appear in the investigation of the National Court on espionage with the same software to the President of the Government , Pedro Sánchez and the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles.

The Executive of Pere Aragonès continues to insist on the need for La Moncloa to give “convincing” explanations about the espionage and does not want the new revelations about Pegasus to divert the focus from what they consider “the most serious case of espionage in Spanish democracy” . “16 days later, the independence movement continues to have the same questions on the table as on the first day,” Plaja pointed out.

“There has not yet been a single explanation that does not leave the Sánchez government in a terrible position,” Plaja continued harshly. Since Monday, the Government was very critical of the difference in reactions depending on who was spied on.

Although the Government has not wanted to sow doubts about the veracity of the espionage on Sánchez and Robles (something that Oriol Junqueras did do on Monday), they reproach that the central Executive has not responded with the same haste when it was learned that the spies had been charged independentists. “Acting quickly is only done when those spied on are members of the Spanish government,” the spokeswoman said. “Wasn’t mass spying on more than 60 people enough?”

The Government considers that, in order to tackle the crisis opened by espionage, both the dismissal or resignation of those responsible and an investigation commission in Congress are essential. “Responsibilities are being delayed”, Plaja pointed out, “there must be an investigation commission in Congress, the Francoist law on official secrets must be reformed and political responsibilities must be assumed”, he added. “The responsible [del espionaje] due to complicity or negligence they must resign”, repeated the spokeswoman, who has also insisted on the need for a meeting at the highest level between President Aragonès and Pedro Sánchez to address the case.

Informed during the press conference that PSOE, PP and Vox have vetoed the investigative commission on espionage in Congress, Plaja asked “what is the problem” in investigating what happened. “Who is afraid that something will come to light?”

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