Wednesday, August 10

The Catalan prison of Brians 2 is confined in its entirety after an outbreak that affects 99 people

The Brian 2 prison, located in the Barcelona town of Sant Esteve Sesrovires, will be confined entirely from Monday after having had evidence of an outbreak of COVID-19 that already affects a hundred people, between inmates and workers. The entrances and exits of prisoners are limited to the maximum and transfers are suspended.

The outbreak, which became known on Saturday, currently affects 92 inmates from nine different modules and seven workers at the center. The vast majority are asymptomatic. “Once the situation has been assessed and following the indications of the health officials, as of Monday the entire penitentiary center will be confined to avoid a possible spread of the disease to other centers and people,” said the Department of Justice, responsible for the prison management.

The origin of the outbreak is still unknown, although in a first statement the Administration pointed to the laundry because the first cases had been detected there. Starting Monday, it is expected to screen the prison population to prevent further infections. An extraordinary meeting of the Crisis Committee will also be held, according to Justice, to specify “the timing of the urgent measure adopted and to assess other preventive measures.”

Today 82% of inmates are vaccinated, either with Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Janssen. Starting on the 15th, it is planned to start the booster vaccination with a second dose for those who received Janssen and those who are over 70 years old.