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The Catalan TSJ sets the trial for corruption against Laura Borràs from February 10

The president of Junts, Laura Borràs, already have a date for her trial for corruption. The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has set for February 10 the start of the oral hearing sessions on the case in which Borràs is accused of splitting contracts during her time at the head of the Institució de les Lletres Catalans (ILC) to favor a friend. The Prosecutor’s Office asks Borràs for six years in prison and 21 years of disqualification.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks Laura Borràs for six years in prison for splitting contracts to benefit a friend

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If the scheduled schedule is followed, the trial will start on February 10 with the previous questions. Ten days later, the statement of the three defendants – Borràs, his friend Isaías H. and an acquaintance of the latter – has been set, despite the fact that the president of Junts asked to testify last to guarantee her right to defense. The court indicates that it will decide whether to vary the order of the statements on the first day of the trial. On February 21, 22 and 23, the witnesses will testify, while the experts will testify on the 27th. A day later the session will be dedicated to documentary evidence and on March 1 to the final reports of the parties.

In addition to the trial calendar, the court that will try Borràs, made up of the president of the TSJC, Jesús María Barrientos and the magistrates Fernando Lacaba and María Jesús Manzano, has issued an order this Friday on the evidence it accepts for the trial. Barrientos’ role as president of the court and rapporteur for the sentence in the ILC case is not definitive since Borràs has challenged him.

In his order, the judges have not yet resolved the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to remove Emilio Hellín, an expert hired by the Borràs defense to refute the key emails in the case that incriminate her. The Public Ministry does not want Hellín to stand trial as it does not see his assistance to the court as a computer expert compatible with the fact that he was convicted along with other members of the extreme right in 1983 for murdering the young leftist Yolanda González. The court indicates that this issue will be resolved in the coming weeks, but in any case before the start of the trial.

What the judges do is limit Borràs’ expert evidence. The court rules out that the experts can testify on the judicial records of the case –which according to their analysis, did not allow them to examine the emails of Isaías H.– and limits their analysis to the hard drives seized in the case. Regarding the witnesses, the court has urged the parties to specify more the testimonies proposed.

The Prosecutor’s Office requests 6 years in prison, 21 years of disqualification and a fine of 146,000 euros for Borràs for the crimes of prevarication and document falsification for dividing contracts from the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes (ILC) to be able to award them to his friend Isaías H. without competition public.


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