Friday, January 28

The censorship of streamers of the ‘Iceta Law’ may receive amendments: not everything has been said with the law that will bring Google News to Spain again

The so-called ‘Iceta Law’ has brought many debates in Spain. Not only is it the door for the return of Google News to Spain: it also aims to regulate memes and lays the foundations to be able to censor directly and without prior notice to the streamers from platforms like Twitch depending on what they’re saying.

But a twist of the script can bring changes. It turns out that the government wants to pass this new regulation along with twenty more laws in what is called a by decree of allliterally a bunch of laws that they want to pass together to save time. Several political parties have advocated to avoid it, and have achieved that now the ‘Iceta Law’ is processed as a Bill.

Possible changes, but not where streamers and more Internet users want

That means that, before approving it, the parties may propose amendments to that law to modify it when it is scrutinized by the Culture Commission. And therefore, those censorship intentions could be withdrawn.

The problem is that, as detailed by our colleagues from Genbeta, it seems that what is more likely to be amended is not that, but the elimination of the canon to Google. Minister Miquel Iceta, meanwhile, has assured that we will try to come up with a solution “to everyone’s taste”:

“We will have the opportunity to do so because most likely we will have validation followed by parliamentary processing and, therefore, there will be possibilities to enrich the text and find a balance between individual and collective bargaining”

For now, it will be time to keep an eye on how this new law ends up being, but of course the affected groups have already reacted. The Platform for Freedom of Information recently rated the ‘Iceta Law’ as something that “borders on unconstitutionality”, and streamers as Alexelcapo will spend part of their time live speaking with lawyers to comment on the possible effects to the audience:

Image | Fausto Sandoval