Friday, January 28

The Central Electoral Board finalizes a fine of 1,000 euros to Ayuso for campaigning from her position as president

The Central Electoral Board (JEC) is preparing the imposition of a fine of almost a thousand euros to the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for infractions of the electoral law committed in the campaign of the autonomous elections last May .

These are three actions by Díaz de Ayuso that were appealed by the opposition on understanding that the president and candidate of the PP was not complying with the legal prohibition of partisan propaganda from institutional positions and in public events.

Two of them took place at the Madrid-Barajas airport on April 12 and 16, unified in the same file, and the third was an act of support for bullfighting, also in pre-campaign.

The Electoral Board of Madrid resolved those files with fines, but Ayuso appealed, claiming that the resolution had incurred “a defect of nullity of right” by not collecting his allegations. Now, the highest electoral body has accepted the appeals presented by Más Madrid and by the PSOE. Last September, the JEC annulled the fines, admitting the formal defects and ordered the proceedings to be repeated, the regional board had been dissolved, so the central board itself took up the case.

Sources familiar with the file have confirmed to Europa Press that the JEC also appreciates electoral infringement in the denounced events and, at its meeting this Thursday, decided to draft a resolution to fine the regional president for a total of close to one thousand euros (360 euros for boasting support for bullfighting and another 600 for the acts of Barajas).