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The CEOE charges against the government of PP and Vox in Castilla y León: “It makes no sense that signed pacts are put in solfa”

The president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has charged this Tuesday in Aranda de Duero (Burgos) against the Government of Castilla y León made up of PP and Vox, which he points out for its inaction -“It is already good for Adamism”-, to the while denouncing the announced breach of the agreements signed with the unions in the community. For Garamendi “it doesn’t make sense” that 17 agreements signed in the Community “are absolutely questionable” when the Government “is the same”, reports Europa Press.

The statements by the president of the employers’ association come the day after PP and Vox communicated to the unions and employers’ associations that they did not plan to comply with the Social Dialogue agreements in Castilla y León and asked to review all of them, including those signed by the president of Castilla y León. León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, the month of December of the year 2021.

Garamendi has pointed out that “it’s okay with Adamism”. “It seems that we are inventing the country now, in all aspects, also at the national level. It seems that everything has to be reviewed ”, he has said. “What does not make any sense is that 17 closed pacts between a government with the workers and the businessmen, be put in solfa, absolutely whole saying that you have to sit down again”, he has reproached the PP-Vox coalition government.

The breakdown of the Social Dialogue in Castilla y León came at the beginning of June when, in the middle of the Andalusian pre-campaign, Vox announced a cut in half of the subsidies received by employers and social unions for social dialogue, occupational risk prevention, professional guidance and self-employment, which the Minister of Employment and Industry, Mariano Veganzones, estimated at 20 million euros and of which none of the social agents had been previously informed. The spokesman for the Junta de Castilla y León, Carlos Fernández Carriedo (PP), left the cut in the hands of Vox and did not finish specifying if the cut was a negotiable decision. Ten days later, Vox backed down: the cut was going to be, at most, of those twenty million, but they did not even know how much the cut would be.

Despite the criticism, Garamendi has pointed out that we must sit down and talk and that is what the businessmen of Castilla y León will do, and he has pointed out that “social dialogue is something much more powerful and much more serious and cannot be played with”. Likewise, Antonio Garamendi has insisted that the agreements “are to be fulfilled” and when a president arrives “he inherits what has been agreed” and now “it is not worth saying that everything agreed in December is no longer valid.”

This Monday’s meeting of the social agents and the Government of PP and Vox, with President Mañueco acting as host, ended with a total disagreement, describing the CEOE of Castilla y León as a day “that must be deleted from the calendar” at the time that the UGT and CCOO unions consider that social dialogue “has been blown up”. The parties are considering going to court so that the “signed and budgeted” agreements are fulfilled.

Mañueco and García-Gallardo defend convening the Social Dialogue tables

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, defended this Tuesday the need to analyze the current, present and future situation within the Social Dialogue tables “that are alive” since “at the beginning of Legislature is what corresponds”.

Fernández Mañueco explained that at Monday’s meeting “all the participants of the Social Dialogue Council” agreed “on several things”, according to his version, such as the “need” and the “willingness to commit” to Social Dialogue , and its “usefulness” and “especially” at the present time “because a serious recession is knocking on the doors.”

He has also defended the need to “reflect” on how to deal with the economic crisis, the pandemic, the war and the “economic, social and territorial imbalances” that have occurred. Finally, he has asserted that “above any consideration, the Social Dialogue, the Government pact are the people of Castilla y León” which is what “interests” the regional government.

For his part, the vice president of the Junta de Castilla y León for Vox, Juan García-Gallardo, has considered that the vision of employers and unions on the meeting of the Social Dialogue Council held this Monday is “biased” and has considered that in the six follow-up tables will be portrayed and it will be seen if what they want is dialogue or they only look for their “own financing”.

For García-Gallardo, the conclusion reached by those responsible for the employers’ association and the unions after yesterday’s meeting is “simple” after three hours of debate on “many issues”. Thus, he has assured that he feels “satisfied” with the result of the meeting. “We are facing a new stage, we have a serious relationship with unions and employers in which all issues are treated naturally and we will not accept a demand that is not correct from unions and employers”, he pointed out.

Thus, the vice president has considered that the subsequent vision of the social agents was “subjective and biased” and has defended that the Board is not an “insurmountable wall”. “Let’s not send negative messages that can harm a Community like Castilla y León open to receiving business projects to serve workers”, he has claimed.

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