Wednesday, September 27

The Cercle d’Economia calls for State pacts on energy or income to “safeguard social peace”

The Cercle de Economía considers that the outbreak of the war in Ukraine represents the greatest threat that Europe has had to face since the end of the Second World War. In a public position released this Thursday, they are committed to facing this situation with “courage” and applying more sanctions against Russia despite the economic and social impact of these measures.

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At the same time, the entity also asks the Spanish parties and social agents to make an effort to plug the social and economic effects of the conflict in Spain by building new “Moncloa Pacts”. “We have our society exhausted by everything we have experienced. Social peace hangs by a thread and the discomforts are numerous and complex”, warns the Cercle.

“The solidarity that we claim with Ukraine implies continuing to promote the sanctions policy carried out until now. Moreover, to the extent that it contributes to the end of the war, it is necessary to deepen it despite the economic and social repercussions it causes within our borders”, highlights the entity chaired by Javier Faus.

At the same time, the Cercle asks to consolidate the European project with new visions that integrate common policies of “defense, energy, immigration and technology”. “It’s time,” says the institution, which will hold its annual meeting next week with the presence of the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, and the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, among others.

From the Cercle it is stated that the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine forces Europe to redefine its geopolitical strategy by strengthening “transatlantic” ties with the United States and with the rest of the planet’s liberal democracies. He also defends leaving behind the wounds of the United Kingdom’s departure from the Union and resuming “strategic understanding” with the British government.

On the need to “safeguard social peace” against the effects of the Russian invasion, the Circle recommends carrying out a series of “state agreements” on matters such as energy, income, fiscal and labor policy, and the welfare state. “We cannot forget that Spanish society, in particular, is seriously stressed by currents of discomfort and tension that explain the advance of populism and political polarization, something that must be directly related to the erosion of well-being and security due to not so only from the pandemic, but also from the numerous crises that Catalan and Spanish society has endured since 2008”, warns the entity.

For this reason, the note is committed to making a “collective effort” that allows the “exceptional decisions” that they take in the near future to have behind them a consensus “at the height of the moment”. “Not only do we need to increase our spending on security to protect our way of life, but also to steer our economy towards geopolitical goals. A realistic effort that should make us bet, among other things, on European technological sovereignty”, the document concludes before warning that the war being waged in Ukraine will probably not be the last test that democratic societies will face.

“It is essential to combat the fear of war and appeal to the hope of peace. It will depend on us to win the second ”, summarizes the Circle.