Tuesday, October 19

The Cercle d’Economia sees the risk that Catalonia and Barcelona will remain “in economic irrelevance”

The Cercle d’Economia has issued a note this Wednesday in which it assures that neither Catalonia nor Barcelona have a “shared prosperity model”. “The Barcelona and Catalan politics do not help to make progress the country in the search and execution of an economic development”, has indicated the business organization.

In a particularly harsh opinion note with the regional and municipal government, the Cercle warns that both Catalonia and its capital run the risk of “being trapped in a spiral of economic irrelevance, of slow but inexorable decline”. This occurs, in the opinion of the institution chaired by Javier Faus, because “today neither Barcelona nor Catalonia have a model” that has “the complicity of all the agents”.

The institution has also expressed its “disappointment” with the Barcelona City Council and the Generalitat, and warns that “the apology for degrowth is irresponsible.” According to Cercle, there are projects that do not come to fruition “for fear of taking the political risks of the necessary policies.”

Among other issues, the Cercle talks about the need to expand the El Prat airport, one of the issues on which the Catalan economic sectors have been most forcefully positioned in recent months. “It is the responsibility of all administrations to work so that the expansion of the airport is a reality”, they affirm from the organization. But the Cercle also speaks of the need for institutions to count on the private sector, something that in his opinion is not happening now, or of the “alarming deterioration” of public space.


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