Monday, October 3

The CES accuses the advance of the new wave: Amazon, Meta and Twitter, among others, fall from the event due to the increase in infections

The Consumer Electronics Fair, known by its acronym in English CES (Consumer Electronics Show), plans to once again be a face-to-face event in 2022 after being held completely in virtual in 2021, but the advance of the new wave of covid infections it is making things very difficult for him just three weeks after it takes place. And is that several large companies, including Amazon, Meta, Twitter or Pinterest have recently announced that they will not physically attend and are exploring ways to participate virtually, Bloomberg reports.

To these last minute absences are added other important ones such as that of Nvidia, which already announced long ago that it preferred to be cautious and limit your participation to an exclusively digital presentation.

Other large companies, such as Google, Qualcomm or Sony, maintain their plans to attend physically, although they do not assure that they will finally do so, since they have reported that they will be attentive to the advance of infections in case they consider that finally the best thing for their employees is to organize virtual presentations.

T-Mobile, Samsung or OnePlus also maintain their intention to go, although reducing the number of attendees. Apple, for its part, had no plans to attend this year. The organization of the event, for the moment, maintains the presence, although if the companies continue to fall, things could change.

Likewise, several media specialized in technology in the United States, such as The Verge, Engadget, TechCrunch or CNET have also announced that they will not send journalists to the CES and the presentations in virtual format will follow.

CES is the world’s leading consumer technology event. With 54 years of history, it has been the setting chosen by the large companies in the sector to present some of the great products of the last decadessuch as a CD player, DVD, or Xbox game console.