Monday, August 2

The Ceuta Assembly will meet again on Thursday with the declaration of undesirable Abascal on the Order of the Day

The Ceuta Assembly will meet again on Thursday to give continuity to the Plenary Session corresponding to the month of June that the president of the City and the Autonomous Chamber, Juan Vivas (PP), suspended on June 28, like the rest of the Non-essential local parliamentary activity, to open “a period of reflection” on how to prevent Vox from continuing to give fuel from its seats to the infamy that part of the Ceuta institution and society endorse the thesis of Moroccan annexationism and be a traitor to Spain.

The atmosphere of the Plenary has been degenerating for a year and a half, at full speed since January, when the PP broke with Vox and again relied on the PSOE to give “stability” to the local Executive. So far in 2021, the far-right spokesman in the Assembly has wanted some of his political opponents in jail or deportation to the neighboring country. He has branded the rest of the Corporation “pro-Moroccan” and “fifth columnist” of the Alawite Kingdom and has also hinted without proof that some of his opponents have engaged in drug trafficking.

Verdejo’s invectives have forced the president of the City to suspend the development of the debates on half a dozen occasions, which on several occasions have been on the verge of leading to physical confrontations. On June 28, Vivas took advantage of the first verbal clash of the day, of a much lower tone than other recent ones, to temporarily close the Assembly and, incidentally, not get to debate the declaration of Santiago Abascal as persona non grata in Ceuta or muddy the celebration of the Islamic Passover of the Sacrifice, on Wednesday, which Vox has set its sights on.

“Let it be heard throughout Spain and in Rabat: all the members of this Assembly are and feel Spanish, let it be clear!”, The leader of the local Executive shouted, who advocated “establishing red lines such as not using the exercise democratic freedom of expression to insult others and not weaken our unity in the defense of our sovereignty or coexistence “.

Vivas has met in recent days with the representatives of the PP (9 deputies), PSOE (7), MDyC (2) and Caballas (1), the three parties that, together with Vox (4) and two non-attached deputies, make up the local Plenary. The ultra-rightists, who strive to dress their isolation under the slogan “only Vox remains,” do not meet with the president and during the migration crisis in May they did not attend the meetings of the Board of Spokespersons.

In those interviews, only a beginning of joint has been reached to try “not to fall into the provocations” of Verdejo and his employer, Juan Sergio Redondo. When Vivas has reiterated to the first that the door of his office “is still open” to reach a basic consensus of “responsibility”, those of Vox have responded that “you can close it.”

The MDyC of Fatima Hamed has formally requested Vivas to strictly apply the Assembly Regulations and that, when the far-right spokesperson adds three calls to order for attitudes such as “pouring offensive concepts to the decorum of the Assembly or its members,” order their expulsion. According to the sources consulted by, neither the president nor other groups are in favor of such a thing: “That is precisely what they are looking for, to present themselves as victims,” ​​warn the supporters of containment.

The PP has been trying for months not to feed the Vox speech. In December, those from Vivas allowed with their abstention the disapproval of Ceuta senator Yolanda Merelo, from Vox, a health professional, for demanding the hospital discharge of a Moroccan patient in a vegetative state, but now they will try to prevent declaring undesirable in Ceuta, as proposed by the MDyC , to Santiago Abascal, who in May visited the city twice in less than a week to implement the discourse that points to the Spanish Muslims caballas, half of the local population, as Moroccan “fifth columnists”.

To this end, they have registered a replacement amendment in order to limit themselves to “rejecting” the declarations of the national president of Vox because “they are false, they weaken unity in the defense of the higher good of our Spanishness, they harm coexistence and favor unfounded ones. Moroccan theses “. That it prospers and the conviction of Abascal does not reach more will depend on the PSOE, which last month was not in favor of cooling spirits.

The president of Ceuta has succeeded in suspending the plenary sessions, whether or not one of his objectives, to avoid a quarrel in the Assembly regarding the conditions under which the Islamic Passover of the Sacrifice will be held again this year in the city, which It could not be celebrated in 2020 due to the pandemic and during which some 4,500 head of cattle will be killed.

Vox has turned the most important holiday on the Muslim calendar into its main workhorse in recent weeks. The local Administration has trained dozens of slaughterers and assistants, will keep the slaughterhouse open for 9 days 24 hours a day and will facilitate the transfer of animals under the conditions required by European and Community regulations, which formally prohibit the traditional slaughter of lambs in private homes if it is not with previous stunning.

Verdejo threatens the Minister of Health, Alberto Gaitán, almost daily from his social networks with denouncing him before SEPRONA and the Prosecutor’s Office for his “complicity”, he denounces, with the people who supposedly, he says, will not comply with the established instructions, another form of stoking the social fire with which Vox understands that it heats up its electoral possibilities with a view to the 2023 elections.

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