Monday, January 24

The Chamber Opina: Letter of National Purposes at Christmas

Traditionally, Christmas is a time when the value of friendship and solidarity between human beings is exalted, but its true meaning is found in the word “birth”. And, like all births, this one brings joy, light, hope, positive energy and renewal opportunity.

Let’s not let this Christmas 2021 pass without making a deep reflection on our own walk, on the way we conduct ourselves individually, business, union. Let’s reflect on the reasons that drive us and stop to analyze if they really fit with the common desires. Those that are not only good for my industry, my business or my family, but also good for the community.

Panama, and everything good and bad that is said or known about it, It is the sum and the reflection of the actions of each one of its inhabitants. This Christmas, let’s pause to put aside the claims of those who administer us from the public, and look within. We may find answers. Hopefully some solutions too. Let us remember that the best gift we can offer our children and grandchildren is a socially and economically just and viable homeland.

The Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama, when formulating these Christmas resolutions, reiterates its willingness to work so that Panamanians remain united around values, principles, customs and traditions that identify us, and that have allowed us, in the midst of errors and failures, to continue being a living example of something as precious as coexistence in peace.

The guest pen of is: José Ramón Icaza Clément
President Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap)