Friday, December 3

The Chamber’s Opinion: Change is individual and collective

In recent days, a ruling was known that put an end to a long-standing case. Along the process, the existence of a crime as serious as the violation of intimacy and personal privacy was revealed, that not only constitutes a transgression of the laws and the Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama, but an attack against a fundamental right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Despite the above, and that there were people convicted, The System did not achieve the objective of clarifying what happened, with which society ended up restless, overwhelmed with doubts and thirsty for answers. This, in turn, undermined the little or no confidence that the Justice Administration System and its components, the Public Ministry and the Judicial Branch deserve in citizens. Once again, questions arose as to whether they have capable, effective, efficient, and righteous servants who are essential to be able to dispense justice impartially.

The case was important because respect for dignity is a transversal value that involves others such as ethics, freedom, loyalty, tolerance, solidarity and inclusion, justice, honesty, equality, vision, leadership and responsibility. It was important because, if there is respect for others, life, laws and nature, there will be a society free from injustice and, therefore, free from corruption. On the other hand, if these are lacking, we are faced with a country with weaker institutions every day, a country without a future to offer its best men and women.

However, more than the failure itself, what is of great concern is the aforementioned lack of credibility, trust and respect of the citizenship towards the judicial processes, that almost generalized conviction that the rulings are the result of a transaction, not of a deliberation in law.

Faced with this reality, the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap) insists that This System is the cornerstone by which the process of change that the country requires must be initiated.

Cciap is committed to being an agent of change and he again calls on all of us to join in this effort. Let’s respect the future of Panamanian children and adolescents!

The guest speaker of Capital Financiero is: José Ramón Icaza Clement, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (Cciap)

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