Wednesday, October 27

The change of wind brings the ash to La Palma airport and threatens its closure

The change in the wind towards the East threatens to close the La Palma airport, as this newspaper has been able to confirm this morning. The ash from the Cumbre Vieja volcano is beginning to show up at the Palmero aerodrome and the airline company Binter has warned passengers who are about to board the Gran Canaria airport to that island that the flight may be canceled with great probability. This is the case of the flight that would leave at 07:20 hours from the round island and which is delayed while waiting to assess how the situation is evolving in the next few hours.

In the bowels of the volcano that buried nearly 200 homes on La Palma

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Today twelve flights from Tenerife North were expected at Mazo airport, five from Gran Canaria, two from Madrid and one from Brussels. For now, from Binter they confirm to this newspaper that the company’s flights are delayed and emphasize that none have been suspended. Likewise, the Aena website already announces the delay of two flights from Tenerife North and one from Gran Canaria.

On the 09:00 flight from Gran Canaria to La Palma, a checkpoint of nine firefighters from the Gran Canaria Consortium travels, among other people, with Federico Grillo at the helm. The team intends to relieve the checkpoint of another ten firefighters who have been operating in the area since the beginning of the eruption.

They have commented to the Canary Islands Now that they are considering the alternative of flying to Tenerife North and, from there, traveling to Los Cristianos to travel by boat to La Palma.

In that flight that threatens cancellation, two journalists from Canarias Now are also trying to travel.