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The changes in the Government, live

13:48 h

The PP despises the government crisis: “What we need is to change Sánchez”

Different leaders of the Popular Party have come out in a rush this Saturday against the changes in the Government envisaged by Pedro Sánchez before even knowing the names of the new Executive. “Sánchez is the problem and the solution, the ballot box. There is no change of ministers that will allow him to take flight. The political change is unstoppable. The sooner we go to vote, the better for Spain,” the deputy secretary of Communication from the PP, Pablo Montesinos, insisting on Sánchez’s request for resignation that the party has been repeating for weeks.

“We are not facing a government crisis but rather a government in crisis. The solution is not to change ministers but to change Sánchez. The problem is him,” insisted in the same line the spokesperson for the ‘popular’ in Congress, Cuca Gamarra . The leader of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, was more forceful: “The crisis of this social-communist government is not solved with changes of stickers and faces between ministers, but what we Spaniards need is for Pedro Sánchez to stop being President, and the PSOE and Podemos go to the opposition, so that Spain begins to come out of the crisis “.

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13:37 h

Iván Redondo, the considered ‘minister 23’ and great Moncloa strategist who leaves the Government

“I have always been a discreet person. I believe a lot in discretion and prudence.” Iván Redondo (San Sebastián, 1981), until this Saturday almighty Chief of Staff of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who will be replaced by Óscar López, described himself with those words in an interview that the former vice president of the Government and then leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, in his program Another turn of the screw, in 2016.

Discretion and prudence were the premises with which Redondo came to Sánchez’s life, at the end of 2017, eight months before the motion of censure that led them both to Moncloa. To the leader of the PSOE, as Prime Minister and, to the strategist, as the almighty Chief of Staff who in the last two years has been accumulating weight and to whom some of the main decisions of the Executive and, above all, the entire communicative work.

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13:15 h

Isabel Rodríguez, appointed spokesperson for the Executive and Minister of Territorial Policy

The mayor of Puertollano (Ciudad Real) since the municipal elections of two years ago, Isabel Rodríguez, 40, will be the new spokesperson for the Government of Pedro Sánchez, replacing María Jesús Montero, and also Minister of Territorial Policy, replacing of Miquel Iceta, just a few months after his appointment, according to sources from the Government of Emiliano García-Page confirm to

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13:08 h

Miquel Iceta, new Minister of Culture and Sports

Miquel Iceta, current Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function of Spain, leaves this portfolio and becomes the new Minister of Culture and Sports to replace José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, who is leaving his post, as confirmed by government sources.

12:53 h

Pilar Alegría, new Minister of Education and Vocational Training

Pilar Alegría will be the new Minister of Education and Vocational Training in the remodeling of the Government that Pedro Sánchez has undertaken this Saturday. The current government delegate in Aragon replaces Isabel Celaá, who has been in that department since the arrival of the Socialists in Moncloa in June 2018.

With this decision, Sánchez gives entry into the cabinet to profiles with political weight whom he wants to reinforce for the future of the party. Alegría is one of the values ​​on the rise within the party. In fact, she has been the coordinator of the framework presentation of the 40th Congress of the PSOE on the part of education, universities, culture and sports. In Ferraz they do not see her with bad eyes to be the replacement of Javier Lambán in the Aragonese PSOE in the future.

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12:07 h

Sánchez dismisses Carmen Calvo and Iván Redondo and appoints Félix Bolaños Minister of the Presidency

Pedro Sánchez dismisses Carmen Calvo as first vice president in the new reshuffle of the Government and Félix Bolaños, until now one of the president’s most trusted men in Moncloa, will be the Minister of the Presidency, as reported by government sources to The president dispenses with what has been his number two since he came to the Government, according to El País, just after the controversy over the trans law in which Calvo lost the battle.

In recent days there had been speculation that the number two of the Government left the Executive, after an alleged loss of confidence of the president due to the negotiation of the Trans Law, which confronted Calvo with the head of Equality, Irene Montero, for months. In the end, Sánchez had to remove her from the negotiation to unblock the text.

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12:02 h

The president of the Senate, Pilar Llop, will be the new Minister of Justice

The current president of the Senate, Pilar Llop, will be the new Minister of Justice, according to government sources to An expert judge in gender violence, Llop will replace Juan Carlos Campo at the head of the portfolio, who became part of the Government in January 2021 after the second inauguration of Pedro Sánchez.

Llop will have to abandon the presidency of the Senate, a position in which it should have been ratified since she is a senator by autonomous designation. That seat is now vacant and the Upper House will have to elect a new president.

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11:38 h

The PSOE cancels a campaign event with José Luis Ábalos scheduled for this Saturday before the imminent changes of the Government

The PSOE has canceled the presentation of the PSOE affiliation campaign, with the Minister of Transport José Luis Ábalos, which was to be held this Saturday at 11:00 am at the party’s federal headquarters. This change in plans occurs on the same day that Sánchez has announced the first major remodeling of the coalition government, modifications that will not affect the portfolios of United We Can but will affect other important positions in the Executive, as agreed by Sánchez and the vice president third, Yolanda Díaz, in a conversation this week.

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11:19 h

The remodeling of the Government does not affect the five ministries of United We Can

The first major remodeling of the coalition government, scheduled for this Saturday, will affect important executive portfolios but not the five ministries of United We Can, according to Sánchez and the third vice president, Yolanda Díaz, in a conversation this week. The portfolios of the Vice Presidency for Social Rights, Equality, Labor, Universities and Consumption, therefore, are maintained.

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11:08 h

The remodeling of the Government, scheduled for August, has been precipitated after the Madrid elections of 4M

Pedro Sánchez’s initial idea was to carry out the remodeling of the Government in autumn, coinciding with the 40th Congress of the PSOE, but the decision was accelerated, as advanced by, after the Madrid elections of May 4 in which the socialists sank and with the pardoning process that was opened later. Sánchez then decided to tackle the government crisis before the August holidays.

The government crisis, therefore, is faced after having granted pardons to the procés leaders and before the month of August, to start already in September with a narrative framework different from that installed by the opposition on the occasion of the grace measures. in public debate and that derived from the COVID-19 crisis. That is why the remodeling that he faces, speculates a prominent socialist, should not “go only about names, but rather to reinforce the contents with which the president wants to face the second part of the Legislature until the next general elections.”

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10:19 h

Sánchez executes the first major reshuffle of the coalition

The day has come: Pedro Sánchez executes the first major remodeling of the coalition government this Saturday. The government crisis, advanced by Cadena SER, will be this Saturday. It will be today when Sánchez communicates to the king the new composition of the Executive, as established by law, and subsequently announces the names of the new ministers. The changes will affect important executive portfolios, but will not affect the five ministries of United We Can.

The president has spent weeks preparing this extensive remodeling of the cabinet with which he intends to give a political boost to the government’s action, coinciding with the economic recovery thanks to the advance in vaccination. With the group immunity close and with the European funds that will allow to get out of the crisis left by the pandemic, the president wants to strengthen the Executive to face the second part of the legislature.

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