Friday, July 30

The Chavista Police detain the mothers of two opponents




In the best style of the Cuban repressive forces, the political police, the Sebin, of the Venezuelan regime of Nicolás Maduro, raided the houses of opponents to arrest their relatives and search their homes. The president of the Chavista Parliament, Jorge Rodriguez, ordered the arrest of Javier Gonzalez, nicknamed El Gocho for being a native of Táchira, an activist in Caracas of Voluntad Popular, the party founded by Leopoldo López, according to the opposition political organization on Twitter. But since the Sebin agents did not find Javier González, they arrested his mother Maria Coromoto Gonzalez, also to his brother Michael González and his cousin Michel González in an arbitrary manner.

Javier González is the seventh member of Popular Will (VP) that the Nicolás Maduro regime wants to imprison, after having detained Freddy Guevara, coordinator of the political organization and representative of the interim president, Juan Guaidó, on Monday, who has been charged with the crime of alleged treason.

The psychiatrist Rodríguez has also ordered the arrest of Luis Somaza, head of the cabinet of the interim Presidency, and four leaders of the Popular Will party: deputy Gilbert Caro, former mayor Chacao Emilio Graterón, student leader Hasler Iglesia and councilor Alfredo Jimeno. Luis Somaza denounced in a video the presence of security agents, dressed in black like the FAES and Sebin, harassing and harassing his parents’ residence.

Juan Guaidó said that Maduro uses images of non-existent WhatsApp captures as an excuse to kidnap and persecute political leaders.

In the wave of arrests of relatives, the Sebin also raided and detained at his residence in San Cristóbal de Táchira Teresa Sanchez, mother of Javier Tarazona, director of the NGO Fundaredes, in turn detained a couple of weeks ago for denouncing the protection that the Maduro regime has given to narco-terrorists.

The Fundaredes office in San Cristóbal was raided and destroyed. Teresa Sánchez, mother of Tarazona, who had a precautionary measure from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights of the OAS, was released today, according to the ‘ReporteYa’ network.

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