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The cheering stands of Valencia CF and Levante UD, targeted by far-right groups

Soccer, crowd and young fans wanting to cheer on their teams. The breeding ground historically preferred by the extreme right to try to recruit followers to their cause. After two years of pandemic in which the stadiums have functioned practically without an audience, the return to normality has also reactivated the ultras groups that are trying to gain control of the Levante UD and Valencia CF animation stands.

This is confirmed by various knowledgeable sources of the insides of these groups consulted by which ensure that both clubs have already been warned of this situation. In the case of Valencia CF, it is a split from the dissolved ultra Yomus supporters club, which once again tries to control the Curva Nord, the Valencian animation tier now called Curva de Mestalla 1919, with some of its followers already infiltrated, although time without any evidence of altercations inside the stadium.

The club’s board vetoed the most radical and old-school fans with a criminal record three years ago. In addition, after being identified among the alleged aggressors, the then president of the Curva Nord, Javier Cervera, was forced to resign for being present at the counter-demonstration on October 9, 2017 despite stating that he did not participate in the attacks.

During all this time, according to the same sources, an internal conflict has been brewing between the most politicized sector linked to the extreme right and its rivals who opted for a more hidden and purely hooliganAt least inside the stadium. The clashes between both sides have been notorious until finally the radicals controlled by former leaders of the rock have prevailed.

In this context of internal wars, the Yomus have returned, led by an old extremist leader with a criminal record and tattooed neo-Nazi symbols, with the aim of taking control of the refounded Curva Nord by infiltrating his followers, as he recognizes in his networks. : “You know when you have to retire. Once the order in the curve has been established and seeing that everything works correctly, it is time to say goodbye”.

With the aim of recovering the animation stands, the club modified the conditions for subscribing to this sector located behind the south end goal. Thus, Valencia CF lowered the price from 250 euros to 198 euros in order to promote it and the age limit was raised to 30 years. Those who were already subscribers had no age limit.

Sources familiar with the situation assure that “people from the new Yomus have already slipped in and are directing the animation stands and although inside they try to go unnoticed, outside they all get together. In fact, after the match against Atlético de Madrid, a Nazi robbed and beat a father who was with his son with mattress club flags ”.

This incident was spread by the social networks of the group, whose avatar incorporates a new shield of the Yomus.

In addition, that same day the National Police arrested another well-known neo-Nazi who is part of the new Yomus on the outskirts of Mestalla.

In this regard, official Valencia CF sources assured that they maintain their zero tolerance policy towards any illegal expression, chant or symbology and as an example they put the expulsion of the Yomus from the stadium years ago or the expulsion for life of a Valencia CF fan who gave the Nazi salute at Arsenal Stadium.

“The club has given plenty of signs of zero tolerance with this type of policy and the people who support it, they have worked very hard to avoid all this despite the criticism that has been received; zero doubts with Valencia CF regarding any type of collusion with any type of policy that promotes hatred or violence ”, they insist from the club.

In addition, from Valencia CF they add that the club filtered person by person through the access policy with fingerprints and facial biometrics for control and ensure that the historical Yomus did not have access to the animation stands. In any case, they warn that there will be immediate expulsion in the face of any manifestation of hatred or violence.

Complaints among Levante UD subscribers

The situation at Levante UD is more explicit. A group of fans has alerted the club’s management about the growing harassment by ultra elements infiltrated in the animation stands of the Ciutat de València stadium. “Many members who belonged to the Levante Fans stand have abandoned their ranks due to the political transformation of this stand, suffering continuous harassment for it, without the club doing anything to control the situation”, denounced thirty members.

His complaint was joined by a rock and other groups of fans of the team granota. The club’s management met with these members and was willing to stop the coercion. The fans provided graphic evidence of the relationships between the extreme members of Levante Fans with others also from the extreme right of the Curva Nord of Valencia CF. It is not a general problem of the animation grandstand but of “a group that intimidates the rest, especially the youngest, to take them to their field and mold them in their image”, they pointed out. The directors of Levante UD said they were unaware of the situation and promised to take action.

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