Monday, August 15

The chroniclers of the Villa reject Tim Burton as Ambassador of Madrid

A few weeks ago, José Luis Martínez-Almeida announced that he would initiate the procedures to grant the title of Ambassador of Madrid to the 63-year-old American filmmaker Tim Burton. The mayor of Madrid intended to inaugurate this award with the author of Edward Scissorhands, Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory either Big Eyes. However, as this newspaper has learned, the report commissioned from the Villa’s chroniclers has been unfavorable. Experts refuse to appoint Tim Burton as Madrid Ambassador, as confirmed by the City Council’s Department of Culture. This newspaper has claimed from the area directed by Andrea Levy the writing of the technicians, but from Culture they have declined to make it public.

From the Consistory they pointed out with the announcement that Burton’s appointment “would enhance the image of Madrid”, because he is “an artist of stature and world fame”. Then they launched the procedure for awarding the title, which was incorporated into the regulations for honorary distinctions of the City Council last April. The intention of this new title is to “distinguish people who have stood out for their activities or services abroad for the benefit of the city of Madrid”. In the case of Tim Burton, these services have not been demonstrated. As provided by the rule, a maximum of three Ambassador titles will be awarded each year.

The “solemn” award of the title was intended to coincide, according to the City Council’s plans, with the premiere of an investment experience show on the director’s work, at the Espacio Ibercaja Delicias, after the summer. “That is to say, we intend to grant the title to someone before they do something positive for the city,” explains Constantino Mediavilla, one of the chroniclers of the Villa de Madrid who has issued a negative report on the concession. The body consists of 12 members, including historians and journalists, who are dedicated to studying and disseminating life in Madrid.

No link or promotion

Mediavilla indicates to this newspaper that they have sent several individual reports and all the ones they have been able to read are unfavourable. “It is hardly justifiable that they ask us for a report after the fact, when they have already announced the appointment. On the other hand, except by mistake or ignorance, I understand that the promotion of Madrid in his work or in his person is none. I like his cinema but there is no reference to the city. To be awarded this title, it should at least project a positive image of Madrid. I haven’t found any. If we grant him the title for the exhibition he is going to do, we would be giving it to him for something that has not happened and we do not know what it is, ”the journalist tells

Pedro Montoliú, a journalist, assures that all the chroniclers who have offered their opinion have rejected the appointment. The proposal has the vote against Carmen Iglesias, Antonio Castro, Ruth Toledano, Feliciano Barrio, Constantino Mediavilla and Montoliú himself. “The figure of Tim Burton seems undeniable to us, but there is no relationship with Madrid and he has never campaigned for the city. He has visited her once, yes. For everything we believe that there is no reason to give the first title of Ambassador of Madrid to this character. We studied the case and discovered that there is no relationship between Tim Burton and Madrid. It is our opinion, but it is not binding. We disagree with the announced decision and we regret that an opportunity like this is wasted”, assures Pedro Montoliú.

The Board of Culture spokespersons of the City Council shows indignation at the “botched” that the Culture Area has carried out. They report from Culture that the proposal has been withdrawn from the vote today, Tuesday, because “it was missing to attach the document of the chroniclers”. For this reason, it will be voted on at the next Board of Speakers. However, from More Madrid they indicate that the Area has not included the report of the chroniclers despite the fact that the regulation of honorary distinctions requires it. As the report was not attached, it has been claimed and at that moment the rest of the groups are informed that the report exists but that it is “contrary” to the concession. Today the vote on the concession was scheduled and the Area has not included the unfavorable report.

Mar Espinar, the spokesperson for the PSOE, explains to this newspaper that Tim Burton has the recognition of all Madrid residents for his brilliant professional career. “A few minutes before the start of the Meeting we have learned that the report of the chroniclers is negative. Hiding information from the opposition, due to confusion or because they understand that it is an unnecessary procedure, is not an acceptable practice and that is why we have asked that the point be withdrawn. Madrid deserves better managers who do not twist the institution every time the possibility of not doing what they want is glimpsed, ”explains Espinar.

Pilar Perea, from Más Madrid, considers that “this is another lack of respect and a sign of disaster from this Government”. “Not only do they not complete the information before bringing it to the vote, but having the report against it, they do not provide it. We do not value whether Tim Burton deserves it or not, we simply consider that not contributing a negative report from the chroniclers to a vote borders on prevarication”, Perea maintains.