Monday, March 27

The Church assures that “all investigations” into abuse are “well received”

The Church has assured that “all the investigations carried out by the Judiciary” on the abuses committed against minors in the Church and in society are “well received”, sources from the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE) have indicated to Europa Press. although they have not wanted to refer, specifically, to the order given by the State Attorney General’s Office.

Grassroots Christians demand a “truth commission” from the Church to investigate the abuses and compensate the victims

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As will be recalled, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has given the superior prosecutors a period of ten days to collect all the complaints and lawsuits, civil and criminal, currently in progress, that involve religious institutions in child abuse. The objective of the department directed by Dolores Delgado is to have a “global vision” of the cases, and find future ways to protect and compensate the victims.

The same EEC sources have specified that these investigations are “well received, to the extent that they contribute to putting an end to this social scourge.”

These are the first declarations of the Spanish Church since a request was presented in the Congress of Deputies to create an investigation commission on clerical pedophilia in Spain, which has just passed the first hurdle at the table of the Lower House.

The Government, for its part, doubts whether this is the best option, or prefers to opt for the proposal of a commission of independent experts, to prepare a report for Congress, launched by the PNV and which, as has learned , would be an option considered “acceptable” by the bishops.

Bishops face mounting pressure, and not just from outside the Church. Grassroots Christian groups and associations have criticized that the Episcopal Conference is not leading the investigation, and have called for the creation of a ‘truth commission’.

Several prelates have shown their discomfort at the “lack of response” of the Episcopal Conference to the events that have occurred during the last week. “It’s not just a media thing. It seems as if we don’t care what society says,” they point out.