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The CIA wants to revive the woolly mammoth and the Tasmanian tiger | Digital Trends Spanish

The CIA is financing In-Q-Tel, a venture capital firm that has Colossal Biosciences in its public portfolio, a laboratory that wants to bring the woolly mammoth and the Tasmanian tiger.

The company’s stated goal is to bring a mammoth calf into the world within five years.

According to Gizmodo, “the company is called In-Q-Tel, and its mission (according to its website) is to invest in technologies that strengthen the national security of the United States. In-Q-Tel has more than 20 yearsbut only now has your taxpayer money been directed toward the genetically engineered resurrection of extinct animals, or de-extinction.”

Why resurrect these two species?: colossal argues that the revival of such extinct creatures will support local economies and help reverse the effects of climate change by having a net positive effect on carbon offsetting.

In its websiteColossal also declares his intention to eventually resurrect the dodo bird, a flightless bird endemic to Mauritius that was hunted to extinction in the 17th century.

In a 2019 debate on deextinctionColossal co-founder George Church said bringing back the mammoth isn’t just a vanity project, or something cooked up for the sake of recreating a cool animal. The research involved in the extinction of the mammoth could mean helping to cure the herpesvirus in Asian elephants. Church said questions about human blame for extinction are “almost irrelevant,” and that “the question is, do these species have anything to offer us?”

Now, can this really help the CIA?: In a published blog post On the company’s website on September 20, two executives emphasized the importance of understanding genomics and applying new computing power to biological data sets. “Strategically, it’s less about mammoths and more about capacity.”

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