Thursday, August 11

The City Council launches a citizen vote to decide if Madrid presents a candidacy for the Olympic Games. from 2036

“Would you like the city of Madrid to present its candidacy for the 2036 Olympic Games?” This is the question that the Sports area has asked the people of Madrid through the Decide Madrid platform, the municipal participation website. It does so as part of a set of five issues that make up the mandatory public consultation to launch the future Sports Master Plan for the City of Madrid.

Villacís puts Madrid in the Olympics race. by 2036 after the Catalan-Aragonese split

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The question, launched from the Sports area directed by Sofía Miranda (Citizens), comes just a few weeks after Madrid’s Olympic dream has taken shape again, confirming that there will be no Spanish option for the Olympic Games. winter of the year 2030 due to the rupture between the candidacy of Catalonia and Aragon due to their disputes when proposing the different venues.

Deputy Mayor Begoña Villacís, who launched the same idea in September last year, opted to launch the candidacy at the end of June, always with the prior support of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE). “We would need the Olympic Committee to be firm in that decision and I would go forward without a doubt,” explained the deputy mayor at the end of June during an interview, in which she bet on the capital launching its fourth candidacy in this century, after of the failures of 2012, 2016 and 2020. “We need unity,” he said, recalling that the International Olympic Committee does not trust proposals that show internal divisions.

It is still unknown which places would be presented as the venue for Madrid’s Olympic bid, since the Metropolitan area, where the three previous bets were designed, has just been promised to Atlético de Madrid so that it can build its next sports city there.

The survey will be one of the ways to measure whether or not the people of Madrid are committed to trying to celebrate the Olympic Games in the city or prefer that municipal sports policies focus on other objectives.

A plan to mark the direction of sport in Madrid

The master plan is “the roadmap that will mark the sports policies of the Madrid City Council in the coming years,” explains the consistory. It will be in force until the year 2036 and will serve to outline the municipal commitments in this field. The consistory assures when starting this process that it will value “the contributions of the citizens so that the final document is the result of consensus”.

On the Decide Madrid page, the City Council proposes to citizens that they talk about the sports needs that have to be covered, the schedules of activities and the offer in municipal facilities, the improvements “to enhance the international projection of the city” and sporting events “that the city should attract”.

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