Tuesday, December 6

The City Council of Premià de Dalt (Barcelona) hires the company Desokupa as an advisor

The City Council of Premià de Dalt (Barcelona), in the hands of Junts, has contracted the company Desokupa to advise against the occupation. This has been announced by the council itself, which has reached an agreement with the company led by the controversial Daniel Esteve, a nightclub exporter with a police record, links to the extreme right and owner of an extrajudicial eviction company carried out by groups of muscular men.

Desokupa extends the hoax of the expulsion of an old woman from her apartment to harass a migrant tenant

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The municipality, with 10,400 inhabitants, will pay 3,000 euros + VAT to Esteve’s company for one year for “advisory services” on employment. The City Council has highlighted in its statement the “alternative method” offered by Desokupa because “its purpose is the amicable resolution of the dispute” and “to avoid, as far as possible, a judicial procedure”.

“At Premià de Dalt we want zero tolerance with mafia occupations that endanger the well-being and coexistence of our people”, declared the mayor, Josep Triadó. The municipality has a per capita income of more than 42,000 euros and is one of the wealthiest of its size in Catalonia.

Companies similar to Desokupa have recently been convicted of coercion in Madrid. And Daniel Esteve himself has dedicated himself for years to spreading hoaxes and racist messages on social networks, apart from publishing personal data, threatening and intimidating squatters. Known neo-Nazis and foreign paramilitaries have participated in his operations.

In September of last year, Esteve, knowing that it was a lie, expanded a hoax about a false Moroccan squat who had expelled an 89-year-old woman she cared for from her home. The caregiver received death threats after Esteve’s campaign.

The leader of this company became famous at the dawn of morning programs such as Ana Rosa, on Telecinco, or Susanna Griso, on Antena 3, where he regularly appeared live explaining his most controversial performances or even using the presence of cameras on television to intimidate their targets.

According to some housing activists, Esteve’s influence -who has hundreds of thousands of followers on his social networks- and his presence in the media has contributed to “legitimizing criminalization” against people who suffer from housing problems.

Despite having boasted on occasions that he did not want to get involved in politics, Esteve has become closer to Vox and participated in a pre-campaign event with Macarena Olona before the Andalusian elections.

In the 2000s, the owner of Desokupa had a debt collection company that offered the possibility of collecting “any debt in ‘A’ or ‘B’”. “Expedited collections, even without an invoice”, Esteve announced on his website. In 2008, the Mossos kidnapping and extortion unit commissioned his arrest due to the methods used by the company. The police accused him of extortion, illegal detention, injuries, humiliation and illicit association.