Wednesday, October 27

The City Council will change the name of a neighborhood in Arganzuela that was wrong 50 years ago

Imagine that somewhere in Spain someone happens to name, to honor Madrid’s toponymy, with the expression of Fuenlabrada de Getafe to one of its neighborhoods. This sounds to them in Huelva every time someone reminds them that two of the towns in their province serve to name a single neighborhood in the capital, Palos de Moguer.

The error in Madrid dates from 1971, although the origin must be sought further, in the 16th century, when they confused the two Huelva localities with a single one and the error was installed in the capital indelibly: Palos de Moguer street came to the capital in the 19th century, when one of the roads that cross Arganzuela was named in homage to the port from which Christopher Columbus left for America for the first time. Its strategic location within the district made it also serve to name a Metro station (1947) and one of the capital’s neighborhoods (1971), so the toponymic failure was multiplied by three.

Although the municipality of Palos added a of the Border to his surname, in Madrid everyone knew him by his official name of the capital. So from the Huelva City Council the modification of the name of the street was requested to the capital city council in 1979 and after the Metro station, which in 1986 was renamed with the current Palos de la Frontera.

But the name of the Palos de Moguer neighborhood still survives in the administration, so the Participation area has opened a process to proceed with the last remaining change and reestablish the correct name for the city’s 26th neighborhood. Any Madrilenian over 16 years of age can give their opinion in this process, published on the Decide Madrid page. Afterwards, the proposal will be taken to the plenary session and the invented place name will pass to the scope of the historical curiosities of the capital.

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