Saturday, January 22

The City of Buenos Aires was chosen as the venue for the most important NFT event in the region

Although acceptance in the world is booming, the Latin American region is not far behind. For example in Mexico held an exhibition of NFT Art in 2020 that was very successful and there are currently almost 30 crypto-artists who sell their works through this medium every day. However, the country that leads this segment is Brazil, with works sold in millions of dollars and a market that increasingly demands more.

In this context, Argentina – which is currently the fourth country in the world in adoption of cryptocurrencies – It was chosen as the venue for the most important NFT event in the region, which brings together the most promising projects in Latin America.

The appointment, which is organized by the prestigious financial consultancy CRYPTOCITY, will be the December 14 at the Dome of the historic Bencich Building, place located in the located in av. Roque Sáenz Peña 616, 10th Floor, of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In this meeting they will be for the NFT Fashion Art, of exhibitors Lucas Fernandez, son of the renowned designer Benito Fernandez, who is the one who carries out the innovation of the brand and from whom the announcement of the incorporation of the brand to the NFT market is expected. Also in this panel will participate the young designer and influencer, Juan Sartor, who became popular for being a participant and jury of the reality show “Corte y Confección”, which leads the trend in the NFT Fashion Art market in the region and is about to launch its own NFT collection.

On the other hand, the NFT Gaming, moderated by the president of the Argentine eSport Association “ADEEMA”, César Vidal Scasso, will expose Lucca Vila (founder of Dchess, the first tokenized chess game) as well as Thomas Sanchez and Federico guerrero (founders of RPS League, who brought the popular game of “Rock, Paper or Scissors” to the blockchain). As if that were not enough, the closing of the panel will do it Manuel Terrones Godoy, alias KManuS88, considered the most famous NFT gaming crypto influencer in the world.

Finally, in this meeting they will be on the part of banking and fintech, Sergio morales (CEO of InterFinance), Alejandra Naughton (Director of the Supervielle Group) and Emiliano Vila (Head of PR de Buenbit)

It should be noted the lucky ones who manage to acquire their ticket to the NFT Latin American Forum They will be able to find out about the maximum advances of NFT in the region, network with executives belonging to Venture Capital and High Finance, as well as enjoy an exquisite closing cocktail by Chandon and La Pulperia.