Tuesday, October 19

The Civil Guard dismantles an organized gang in the Basque Country and thwarts a commissioned murder

A wide device of the Civil Guard has startled from the first hour of the call to the Rioja-Alavesa town of Laguardia. Since 7:20 am this Monday, units of this body have been deployed in the vicinity of a home in the framework of a secret operation against non-terrorist organized crime of which no details have been offered initially, although it was later known that they wanted to dismantle the Latin band ‘Blood’. The actions also affect other Basque towns, specifically the Bidasoa area in Gipuzkoa and the Lakua neighborhood of Vitoria.

They denounce the suppression of six ambulances and the dismissal of 60 toilets in the Basque Country after the end of the health emergency

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In total, official sources point to three detainees in the Basque Country since the organization was “very violent and bloody.” In fact, it is alluded to that a murder for hire has been thwarted just when some “hitmen” were already heading to the house of the chosen victim. Several units of the Civil Guard have intervened in the device, such as the UCE-3 (Special Central Unit), the Rapid Action Groups (GAR, known in their day for their actions against ETA) and the Information services.

The Civil Guard has powers in the Basque Country to investigate crimes of a “supra-autonomous” nature such as organized crime, terrorism or drug trafficking, as well as control of explosives and weapons or surveillance of ports and airports and the so-called “fiscal protection” of the State, that is, customs control and possible fraud. The Ertzaintza had no notification of these actions. This body has a barracks in Laguardia, the main town in the Rioja Alavesa region. The performance comes on the eve of the celebration of the patron saint of the institution, coinciding with the day of El Pilar and the national holiday of Spain.


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