Monday, July 26

The Civil Guard evicts a camp of 40 people in a pine forest in Soria who was holding a ‘rave’ party

The Civil Guard has evicted this Sunday a camp of about 40 people in a pine forest in the province of Soria in what was intended to be the start of a ‘rave’ party.

These people, who were from the province of Soria and who had arrived in about twenty cars, left the place without opposing at any time the indications made by the agents, they have reported from the Government Sub-delegation.

The events occurred around 11 a.m. this Sunday, July 18, when the Civil Guard learned that, in a place located in the mountains between the towns of Matamala de Almazán and Quintana Redonda, people and vehicles were gathering. animated by electronic music.


Faced with the possibility that it was the beginning of a rave party, the Civil Guard organized a device that traveled to the place, being able to verify that a party animated by electronic music through large loudspeakers was the prelude.

At that time there were 40 people and 20 vehicles and the place was marked with bags painted green to facilitate its location.

The camping was in the middle of the pine forest and, therefore, the concentration was also a great danger of causing a forest fire.

The Civil Guard invited these young people to leave the place and all of them did so without opposing any type of resistance. The agents identified the youths and the vehicles and verified that they were all from the province of Soria.

During the performance, two complaints were made against two of these people for possession of psychotropic substances.

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