Thursday, July 29

The Civil Guard investigates an attack on a young man with a mental disability in Pontedeume (A Coruña)

The Civil Guard investigates the attack on a young man with a mental disability on the Pontedeume promenade (A Coruña) last weekend. Shortly after it occurred, the alleged perpetrators of the attack uploaded a video to social networks in which it can be seen how the victim, barefoot, receives a severe blow to the face. Far from helping her, both the person recording the images and the other people who witness the attack laugh and cheer at the attacker. Towards the end of the video, a female voice can be heard saying, “So that you come back for another one.”

The Pontedeume Civil Guard post did not want to provide more information about the event, claiming that the investigation is still ongoing. What they have been able to confirm is that neither the affected person nor anyone around him has filed a complaint about the events. However, the Civil Guard has initiated an ex officio investigation with the aim of clarifying the events. For his part, the Government delegate in Galicia, José Miñones, has confirmed that this investigation is ongoing and has called for prudence until what has happened is clarified. However, it has clarified that it is an individual and not a group aggression.

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