Thursday, August 18

The clashes between the US and Daesh mark the end of the evacuation in Afghanistan

Correspondent in Jerusalem



There are barely 48 hours left for the final withdrawal from Afghanistan, but the Afghan arm of Daesh seems willing to make them 48 very long hours. On the day the United States made the last civilian evacuation flight and the United Kingdom brought all its soldiers home, the jihadists fired a rocket at a building near the airport and attempted to a new suicide attack which was aborted by an American drone. All eyes remain fixed on that international airport awaiting the symbolic departure of the last flight and it will be the Taliban who will have to protect those who have been their enemies for two decades. About 4,000 American soldiers remain

en Kabul.

After the attack on Thursday, in which at least 170 people died, including 13 Marines, the intelligence services maintained the terrorist threat alert in all the high and they were right. In the middle of the afternoon a rocket hit near the airport and the response from the United States did not take long to arrive and did so again by means of a drone. A missile destroyed a vehicle that, according to US sources cited by CBS, was driving a suicide bomber who was heading to the airport to explode his cargo. “The explosions that occurred in the vehicle after the impact of our missile indicate that it was carrying a large load of explosive material,” detailed the same sources. The Taliban confirmed the anti-suicide operation carried out by the United States in the streets of the capital.

After the withdrawal of the troops, the program of drone attacks is in the air, one of the strategies that Washington uses again and again and that allows it not to have to deploy troops on the ground. The emirate authorities, who have suffered from drones for 20 years, already showed their discomfort on Friday after the launch of a missile against a Daesh base in Nangarhar for considering it a violation of national sovereignty. Questioned on the matter, the national security adviser Jake Sullivan declared that “we will continue to take the type of measures that we deem necessary to end the threat of Daesh. We plan to continue these operations against them.

The followers of the caliph on Afghan soil operate under the name of the Islamic State of Khoramsar and in an interview with CNN a few days before the attack, they announced that with the arrival of the emirate “we will restart our operations.” The Taliban and the IS are fighting an internal pulse that can become a serious problem for the security image that the emirate tries to give to Afghans and the international community.

Turkish diplomats

After the departure of the last flight with civilians, the United States knows that in this chaotic evacuation has left thousands and thousands ashore of collaborators, but also 300 US citizens, according to Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who said “we are working to get them out as soon as possible.”

It is a mystery to know the future of the airport, but Turkey could be close to accepting the Taliban proposal and therefore announced the return to Kabul of its diplomatic personnel. The Taliban requested technical assistance from Ankara to keep traffic open at the airfield and allow the return of commercial flights as soon as possible. Unlike what happened in the late 1990s, it seems that this time the Taliban do not want to remain isolated.

Those who have stayed to live in the Emirate begin to suffer the rigors of a post-conflict economy in which the prices of basic foods do not stop rising, the local currency loses value and there is a lack of cash on the streets because banks are still closed.

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