Thursday, July 29

The classic Blockbuster-style video stores return | Digital Trends Spanish

Those who grew up in the 1990s were the last to take advantage of video stores. These stores, like the famous Blockbuster, offered the rental of VHS movies and later also video games and DVDs. Soon the most nostalgic will be able to relive those memories with a new virtual reality game, it’s called The Last Video Store and has been announced for PlayStation VR.

As seen in the trailer, in-game you’ll be able to walk through the corridors full of tapes, grabbing and going through every single movie you pull off the shelves — like The evil dead Y Mac and Me—and watch movies with other users in a movie theater or virtual living room. The idea is attractive, but who knows how it will eventually work because of the licenses.

According to the description of the trailer, if you don’t want to watch movies, in this title you can also meet other players who share your passion for cinema. You can explore the surroundings, hang out in the parking lot, or drive around the neighborhood.

The Last Video Store, which has no release date yet, will also have a survival mode, which will include “realistic local jobs and bills to pay,” while you manage your hobby as a movie buff.

The game is being developed by RareBird Games, the studio behind the horror-comedy title. Sinfeld Remastered. And while in the trailer of The Last Video Store everything seems very enjoyable, due to the past of this study we may see some horror aspects in the final game. Or maybe the scary factor will only be in the real life simulation and the accounts.

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