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The Classic Macintosh has just been redesigned by AI | Digital Trends Spanish

Many artists love to design alternate versions of original Apple products, including the first computer. macintosh. More recently, the developer of Steve Troughton-Smith apps made your own interpretations of the classic Macintosh using the artwork generator stable diffusion.

Stable Diffusion is an AI-based image generator that uses text to develop art that the user wants to create. You can simply write a description of what you want to create, and the stable broadcast generator will write an image that matches the text description, and these results are brilliant.

Troughton-Smith shared some of her favorite results from the generator via a Twitter post last Thursday. Each image is uniquely designed, imagining the classic Macintosh with different aspects, such as a rounded screen, a flat keyboard much like a modern Mac, thicker and more elaborate mechanical-looking keyboard configurations, a separate module that resembles a Mac Studio in one layout and multiple additional screens, ports, knobs, and buttons in multiple iterations.

“Learning how to get a huge output from an AI imager like Stable Diffusion from a text message and various knobs and sliders is a completely different way of programming,” Troughton-Smith said in a tweet.

What about an alternate history where Stable Diffusion designed the Macintosh?

— Steve Troughton-Smith (@strongtonsmith) September 22, 2022

“A lot of tweaking and iteration is needed, trying to meld conceptual ideas into meaningful words/phrases,” he added.

Other designs in the thread include old and new versions of the iPod, and what Troughton-Smith described as “fever-dream alternatives to the original iMac.”

A simulated marketing page of a redesigned original Mac computer.

The app designer isn’t the only person to be inspired by the classic Macintosh in 2022. Earlier this year, Ian Zelba young concept designer who often works with popular leakers like Jon Prosser, redacted a render of his idea of ​​a modern Macintosh, fully equipped with a webcam, as well as updated I/O like HDMI and USB-C ports instead. of a floppy drive.

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