Friday, December 3

The CNV and the World Bank highlight the importance of sustainable finance

The virtual meeting was moderated by Florencia Puch, vice manager of Corporate Governance at CNV and specialist in Sustainable Finance, while Cindy Paladines, specialist in the Financial Sector at the World Bank, moderated some of the questions from the more than 100 participants.

Cosentino made it clear that sustainable finance “It is not only a priority issue but, with great satisfaction, I can summarize concrete achievements of the strategic agenda, such as specific regulations, collective investment vehicles, products and instruments well adjusted to the demand modalities that must be attended and incorporated”.

For its part, Schwartz thanked colleagues at CNV “for sharing this process. We have a long history trying to intervene in environmental and social risks with financial instruments”, stressed.

He also recalled that the World Bank designed green bonds in 2008, targeting climate change.

The program plans to strengthen the local sustainable strategy, aimed at the implementation of new practices that allow greater transparency and promotion of innovative financial instruments with ESG impact (environmental, social and governance factors).

The initiative is part of the CNV’s strategic agenda of engaging with multilateral organizations, as well as the result of working side-by-side with the World Bank to coordinate different workshops designed for the participation of relevant actors in the market for sustainable instruments.

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