Wednesday, September 28

The Cofrentes nuclear power plant reports an incident during a storm

The owner of the Cofrentes nuclear power plant (Valencia) notified the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) on Thursday night of an incident related to the activation of the fire detection system in a cubicle of the auxiliary building that contains safety-related equipment .

The incident, which had no impact on workers, the public or the environment and has been classified as level zero (below the international nuclear and radiological event scale, with no safety significance), took place when a strong thunderstorm was producing in the area.

As reported this Friday by CSN sources, at 21:18 on Thursday they observed two alarms in the control room of the Cofrentes nuclear power plant: one for fire in a cubicle of an auxiliary building, and another indicating that one of the steam tunnel fans were de-energized.

After going to the area, the plant’s Fire Protection personnel verified that there was no fire, and observed that the fan’s power switch had acted automatically, cutting off the power supply, and there was only one blackened relay.

The nuclear power plant proceeded to replace said relay and the fan was back in service at 2:30, while the plant remained “in safe operating conditions” and in no case was the action of extinguishing media necessary, according to the same sources.