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The collapse of the left and the fragmentation of the right reinforce Macron even more




The French left does not come out of its historical hole: communists, socialists, extreme left and environmentalists have the lowest levels of voting intentions and credibility in their history.

This apparent historical collapse coincides with a generalized crisis of all the traditional political parties.

According to the latest poll published by Le Figaro, the communist candidate for the presidential election has 2% of voting intentions; Anne Hidalgo, a socialist candidate, has 8%; Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate has 10%; Jean-Luc Mélenchon, far-left candidate has 12%.

All the polls and analyzes confirm that same trend, for months. PS and PCF have the most modest level in their political history, for half a century.

Zemmour y Le Pen

The Republicans (LR, traditional right, Nicolas Sarkozy’s party) and Agrupación Nacional (AN, former FN, Le Pen family party) are also experiencing a serious identity crisis.

Three candidates dispute the candidacy of LR to the presidential election, Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse y Michel Barnier, which have between 12 and 14% voting intentions. LR will not elect its presidential candidate until early December. Meanwhile, the division and multiplication of candidacies creates deep confusion and uncertainty between the electorate of the center and right. To complicate the situation, this weekend a new party will be born, of the center or moderate right, led by Édouard Philippe, Macron’s former prime minister.

During the last five years, Marine Le Pen grew dramatically, consecrated as a great rival of Emmanuel Macron, since 2017. Until a fortnight ago, when the far-right candidate began to lose ground to the appearance of a new ultra-conservative candidate, Éric Zemmour, the great national political revelation , which begins to be listed as Macron’s main rival, with 11/14% of voting intentions in the first presidential round, on the rise.

Faced with the collapse of the left and the fragmentation of the traditional rights, Emmanuel Macron he is confirmed as a central character, as president and candidate for his own succession, as 23/24% of voting intentions in the first round of the next presidential election.

The historical collapse of the left and the serious identity crisis of the traditional parties confirms the turn to the right of deep France.

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