Friday, September 22

The communes and Sumar agree to run together in the 23J elections

En Comú Podem and Sumar will run together in the elections on July 23, after both formations have closed an agreement to form lists in the four Catalan constituencies. Ada Colau’s party thus joins the new confluence that Izquierda Unida, Compromís and Más Madrid, among others, have also confirmed.

The coalition will be presented in Catalonia under the name Sumar – En Comú Podem and will also carry the face of Yolanda Díaz as its logo. The negotiation has been resolved when the parties have agreed that two people from Podemos be integrated into the Barcelona list, as number 4 and 8. As agreed, the organization secretary of Podemos, Lilith Verstrynge, will compete as number 4 for Barcelona . The rest of the candidates will be decided by the municipalities, including the four heads of the list from the four provinces.

In the last general elections, the communes ran in a coalition together with Podemos and under the brand of En Comú Podem, with which they obtained seven deputies. Of them, two were for Podemos, which on this occasion is also guaranteed representation on the list.

Ada Colau has been one of the main supporters of Yolanda Díaz since the Vice President of the Government showed her intention to articulate her own formation beyond Podemos. The communes consider that Díaz, both because of her political profile and because of her work in the Government, is a very attractive claim for her voters in Catalonia. So much so that the presence of the leader of Sumar in Barcelona has been very frequent during the campaign of the last municipal elections.

At the closing of the campaign on May 26, Colau and Díaz together boasted of the work of the Government from the vice presidency and indicated the municipal ones in a plebiscite key on the continuity of the Executive. Now, after the surprise call for general elections for July 23, together they must once again defend the continuity of the coalition government with the PSOE.