Thursday, January 27

The Communication Secretary of the PP in Madrid calls Yolanda Díaz’s meeting with Pope Francis a “communist summit”

The second vice president, Yolanda Díaz, and Pope Francis will meet next Saturday in what for the PP in Madrid will be a “communist summit.” This is how Macarena Puentes, the secretary of Communication of the popular in the capital, has described it through her Twitter account.

A few hours later, given the reactions on the social network to the controversial phrase, the Secretary of Communication of the PP in Madrid has chosen to delete the tweet.

Sources from the Ministry of Labor reported on the meeting between the vice president and the pontiff, which will aim to discuss issues such as job insecurity, social inequality or human rights. Precisely in April 2020 the Pope already had to pronounce and specify that dealing with issues such as poverty “is not being a communist.”

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