Tuesday, January 18

The Community of Madrid and the City Council agree to relocate 173 families from La Cañada Real

The Governing Board of the city of Madrid has approved this Thursday to authorize the new agreement that will be signed soon with the Community of Madrid to continue with the relocation and social integration of the families that reside in Sector 6 of the Cañada Real.

The municipal government spokeswoman, Inmaculada Sanz, explained that the City Council will allocate 17 million euros to provide a solution to the people who live in the Cañada Real stretch between the Valdemingómez incinerator and the Villa de Vallecas district. Specifically, the agreement assigns a maximum of 160 homes for 160 families in Sector 6, plus another 13 homes to relocate as many families that were pending the first agreement of May 2018. The City Council and the Community will contribute 17 million each.

On the part of the City Council, three areas participate in the agreement: Families, Equality and Social Welfare; Urban Development and the Delegated Housing Area, which, through the Municipal Housing and Land Company (EMVS), is in charge of delivering the relocated families a house according to their needs. The agreement establishes that “to favor the better integration of these families”, a maximum of 40% of the dwellings must be located in the capital.

Once ratified by the Governing Board, now the forecast is to sign the definitive agreement with the Community of Madrid next week. In May 2018, a first agreement was reached to begin relocating the first families in Sector 6.

In total, 131 families have been rehoused, of which 60 now live in EMVS homes. These 60 families, which number 215 people, have been relocated to municipal buildings in the districts of Villaverde, Carabanchel, Usera, Puente de Vallecas, Villa de Vallecas, Latina, Moratalaz, Ciudad Lineal and San Blas.