Tuesday, March 28

The Community of Madrid confirms that Ayuso’s brother collected from his friend’s company the 283,000 euros that Casado attributed to a commission

The Community of Madrid has confirmed for the first time that Tomás Díaz Ayuso, brother of the regional president, received payment from the company Priviet Sportive SL -to which the regional government awarded a contract of 1.5 million euros in masks as as elDiario.es advanced – a total of 283,000 euros distributed in four invoices, an amount similar to that which Pablo Casado attributed to a commission. When Isabel Díaz Ayuso admitted that her brother had worked with the company of the Ayuso’s friend of the people, she only referred to a charge of 55,850 euros corresponding to one of the invoices for the work, she said, that she carried out: bring the masks from China that the Community of Madrid bought. The rest of the invoices, another three, were due to other jobs that Ayuso’s brother would have done with that company owned by his friend from the town.

“On the information that continues to come out regarding the Priviet Sportive contract: Tomás Díaz Ayuso invoices this company for a total amount of 283,000 euros in 2020. This is substantiated in four invoices, corresponding to four different jobs,” says an official communication from the Community of Madrid that confirms the data advanced in the program ‘Ya es Mediodía’ of Mediaset and that confirm the Confidential. The regional government insists that “of these four invoices, only one of them has to do with a contract from the Community of Madrid. That invoice is €55,850, plus VAT.”

Now for the first time the regional government admits this amount similar to the one that Casado gave in his interview at Cope and that it has cost him to commit to leaving the position of president of the PP. The still leader of the formation encrypted the commission of the brother of the Madrid president at 286,000 euros, only three thousand euros more than those that are now admitted.

Until now, Ayuso had only admitted the invoice of 55,850 euros plus VAT in the statement that he sent to the media on Friday and spoke of three other invoices that he was not going to detail to preserve his brother’s “privacy”. “I do not have to give an account of the rest of the invoices because they are not related to the Community of Madrid and my brother has the right to his privacy,” collected the folio and a half document.

The Madrid president explained that her brother sent the company Priviet Sportive four invoices in 2020. As detailed, the invoice of June 30, 2020 was for efforts to purchase masks in China, sold to the Community of Madrid at 5 euros plus VAT. elDiario.es announced exclusively that the masks that arrived did not correspond to those included in the FFP2 and PFF3 contract, but were KN95, a cheaper model.

The investigation that elDiario.es published in November revealed that the Government of Madrid had handpicked a 1.5 million euro contract for the purchase of FFP2 and FFP3 masks from the company Priviet Sportive SL, owned by Daniel Alcazar. He is a businessman who is a close friend of the Díaz Ayusos since they were children. The contract in question to the friend of the Díaz Ayuso family was awarded without public tender on April 1, 2020, taking advantage of the emergency procedures of the first state of alarm. Priviet Sportive was dedicated to the textile and livestock business, and had no previous experience in the health sector, nor had it worked before with the Community of Madrid. This award by the urgency procedure is the first and only contractual relationship between this company and the regional administration.