Tuesday, October 4

The Community of Madrid hired companies linked to Ayuso’s brother on twenty occasions

The 1.5 million euro contract that the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso awarded to a company owned by a businessman friend of her family, and for which her brother received at least 55,850 euros, has split the PP in two. The award has put Tomás Díaz Ayuso in the eye of the hurricane due to his relations with the administration that his sister presides over. But before this, there were other contracts to other companies linked to him, awards that elDiario.es already told more than a year ago.

In November 2020, this newsroom reported that the Community of Madrid awarded directly, without competition or concurrence of other firms, 70,500 euros to ARTESOLAR, a company for which the brother of the Madrid president works, as he himself acknowledged. to questions from this newspaper.

These are ten contracts that were awarded from September 2019 -with the arrival of Ayuso to the presidency- until March 2020. But they were not the only ones for this company.

This wording also detailed – also in November 2020 – that the first contract with that same company occurred years before, coinciding with the president’s first public position, in 2017, when she was appointed Deputy Minister of Justice in the Government of Cristina Cifuentes. It was only 25 days apart. On September 26, 2017, Isabel Díaz Ayuso became Deputy Minister of the Presidency and Justice, the area headed by Ángel Garrido, today a councilor for Ciudadanos. And on October 19, 2017, just a month later, Artesolar Lighting SA won its first contract with the Community of Madrid, the company for which Tomás Díaz Ayuso works as “project development manager” and “responsible for hospital projects”, according to explains the brother of the president of Madrid in his professional resume on Linkedin.

It was a minor award, worth 17,794 euros. Almost the legal limit that requires calling a public tender if the amount exceeds 18,000 euros. According to what appears on the regional administration’s contracting portal, this hand-picked contract for Artesolar was approved by the Ministry of the Presidency and Justice: the department where Isabel Díaz Ayuso had just made her debut as deputy minister.

The brother of the current president, Tomás Díaz Ayuso, began working with Artesolar in May 2016. The company was already 6 years old at the time; It was founded in 2010. His first contract with the Community of Madrid came in 2017, coinciding with the entry into that Ministry of Isabel Díaz Ayuso. It was the first, but not the only one. Since then, Artesolar has invoiced 113,179.84 euros to the Community of Madrid, always through the procedure of minor contracts, without competition or advertising. In total, 18 finger awards. The last ten, since Isabel Díaz Ayuso is president.

Already during the pandemic, the Ayuso government also bought masks worth 150,000 euros from another company linked to the company for which Ayuso’s brother works, as this newspaper revealed again.