Tuesday, February 20

The Community of Madrid puts an end to automatic withdrawals and will confirm the positives with a test in health centers

The Community of Madrid puts an end to automatic withdrawals after the positive pharmacy test. The regional government has informed in a statement that they return to the previous method: that of verifying with a test in health centers the positives by self-diagnosis that require temporary disability. The measure thus ends with automatic discharges and discharges after testing positive for a pharmacy test.

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The Ministry of Health launched an abbreviated procedure for registering work discharges and discharges in a single procedure for asymptomatic people who tested positive in a self-diagnosis test, to relieve health center professionals of this work.

“The decrease in the accumulated incidence has reduced the demand for tests in Primary Care to approximately half of those that were carried out at the time of the highest incidence peak of the sixth wave. For this reason, as of today, the citizen who gives positive and needs sick leave, you must notify the Patient Care Center (CAP) phone number 900 102 112 and report your result,” the regional administration said in its statement.

At that time, the need to maintain the self-isolation protocolized by the General Directorate of Public Health and the action before the appearance of symptoms will be indicated, they add. If you need to process the withdrawal, the CAP will collect your data and will indicate that you will receive a call from one of the Primary Care COVID-19 specialized units to schedule a confirmation test. Once this has been carried out and the coronavirus infection has been verified, a Primary Care physician will contact the affected person again to assess their clinical situation and process the discharge. Discharge will be planned based on the patient’s clinical situation.